Teach your Natural Babies to LOVE their Hair!

Hey there Parents!!
It's Certified Natural Hair Stylist Ms. Nikki J here.....
Can we chat our natural babies?

I love the fact that the LOVE for natural hair is everywhere! We live it and we love it and now it's extremely important that we teach those same hair loving principles to our little princesses!

I'm an aunt, a godmother, a mentor and stylist to many young ladies and I know how important it is to discuss how to completely fall in LOVE with your natural hair with our babies! Drill it in them! 

Choosing this state of hair FOR them is very important! Children have to be taught everything either directly or indirectly. Be sure they are directly learning healthy hair care habits from you! 

Well, how do you teach young black girls how to accept their natural hair? No worries Ms. Nikki J's is here to help you!! 

Here are a few easy focal points that you can follow in your discussions:

1. Start with explaining to them why their natural hair is beautiful!

2. Discuss what makes them so different and beautifully unique from girls with processed hair

3. Share your personal experiences with your babies so that they understand from your point of view

4. Instill the confidence of a Queen into your baby...and target the fact that natural beauty doesn't define "what" you are! It defines "who" you are!

5.Teach her how to hold her head up high and embrace her natural hair because our natural is Napturally FABULOUS!!

6. Explain to her that ANYONE who speaks negatively about natural hair, more specifically, "her" natural hair, lacks the gems (information) that you are giving her right now ♥

Teach your princesses how to fall in LOVE with KNOWLEDGE! Knowledge = Power!

Signing Off,
Master Stylist | Ms. Nikki J.
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