5 oclock Shadow

5 o'clock Shadow
*Ring Ring Ring* the blackberry rings and vibrates all at once. I’m wrapping up my work day and the clock reads 4:42, it’s almost time for my 5oclock rendezvous. My cell starts to violently vibrate and the text reads “Aloft Greenbrier”. My vaginal walls begin to quicken and pulsate. A devious grin creeps across my face. I straighten up my desk, file this last minute paperwork and shoot the boss an email telling him I have to leave 5mins early. The office phones starts ringing and startles me. I hesitate to answer but this maybe the client my boss has been waiting for all day. “Got Damn” I think.
“Morgan and Morgan Law Firm how can I help u”
In a deep, sexy up north accent, The caller says "don't b late". I smile and with no more words said he hangs up.
I jump up grab my LV bag, slip my stilettos back on, ease my bebe A-cut peacoat on, adjust my skirt, throw my waist length weave over my shoulder and strut my way towards the elevator. The clacking sound of my heels have all the attorneys and law partners turning their heads, my juicy, plump ,vixen ass have them drooling internally. Imma bad bitch and I know it. No time to get distracted by this wanted attention I have a deadline at 5oclock.
Its 4:55 as I approach the lobby and the world seems to stand still. There he is, locking the door to his office and purposely avoiding eye contact. Bald head, tailor made suit, icy watch, a subtle earring for a hint of class. He may have everybody else fooled and I may be doing well for myself now, but I’m from the streets all I see is this street gangsta turned corporate thug. It’s just something in his swagger that gives it away. Damn lemme maintain my composure. He's done so well for himself since he transferred from upstate. He has a wonderful family, Luxury car, nice home and has pulled major rank in this local law firm. He’s Morgan & Morgan's newest partner with the wit of a street con and the smarts of an Ivy League college graduate. A note under my Audi windshield read “Afloft Greenbrier 5oclock”, 5months ago and it’s been on like popcorn every since.
I'm 10 steps behind him and the faint scent of his cologne is making me weak in the knees. "Bitch get it together" I tell myself. “Look normal” cuz all these hating ass heifers is watching me.
His Range Rover pulls off first and I give it a few mins before I follow. I’m like his secret shadow. Im his 5oclock shadow and I love it. Matter of fact when he opens that suite door imma pop this 5oclock shadow on his 5oclock shadow if u know what I mean.
I take Quick steps out of the cold and to the Aloft’s top floor. This nigga does it big. I still don't understand how he prepares so quickly but that's neither here nor there right now. My one desire is to mount that manhood and give this nigga what his wife is lacking, some Hood loving. He greets me with a vicious kiss. Damn I love that shit. His hood ass ain’t even say hey, how ya doing or nothing. No complaints here. No time to waste, we only have 3hours before our mates begin to look for us. The buttons on my shirt pop, he devours my plump twins. I'm looking at him like he crazy cuz this is a $900 Armani Exchange shirt he just ruined. The cocky look in his eyes reminds me that he can replace this damn shirt with whole other wardrobe so I tune back into the task at hand.
I been waiting all day for this sexy beast, I slowly and seductively unzip his suit pants and palm the "god of all knowing" in my hands. LOL. ok maybe I'm going to far wit that description. I palm his shaft in my soft manicured hands and began to give him pleasure that only my warm slick mouth can give. This nigga is losing his mind. I'm laughing inside cuz people in the firm fear him and little ole me has him in the palm of my hands LITERALLY.
I commence to giving him everything I got stroke for stroke. We are sweating profusely; we are hours into this soul shaking love making and have been twisted in every position when he finally climaxes and collapses on top of me. I think I love this nigga.
Quiet snores escape his small lips, I gently shake and wake him so that he can be on time for wifey, I be damn if he falling asleep in here, forget to go home, piss off the Mrs. and fuck up this good thing we got going on. Not today oh no no.
He steals a passionate kiss from me interrupting my thoughts. I smile. The clock reads 7:20 as I slip into the shower. I wash his scent and any traces of him from my body reluctantly. I hate this part of the day, I just want to lay with him but I know we can never be. I’m satisfied being his well paid creep chick on the low, no need to mess up a good thing so I'll continue play my position as his 5oclock shadow .

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