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"You are Under the Influence of Beauty"

@ Great Site!!! We are open to contributor posts- for cross promotion send over anything you think may fit our demo :))

 C Williams 
Just checked out @ blog. Definitely can always find a good story on here.

 Bklyn's Finest 
*im Diving in frm Work but No Homo! Hhaha (logs on now)» RT @: Dive into my goodies

 Tamara Parker 
N the words of @ "Ur not worried about brand names when U ARE A BRAND" thanks for the motivation doll....

 Street Orphans® 
You ladies really should read this RT @: NEW POST ON entitled "Girl What U GOT???"

Just read "It ain't that serious" and "Girl what u got" by my girl @. Read her stuff yall she have u thinking.

Challon Hall
CONGRATS to my idol @ on her up and coming book. Im sooo happy for you mama. Cant wait to get it : )

Bean Watson
Im goin to read @ blog being that i have alot of time on my hands i need to read sum good ish

Bklyn's Finest
So I'm at my desk, in btwn calls and enjoying @ blog:

: Just finish reading my girl blog for today- "Don't Let People do you WRONG! Take a STAND!" >>a perfect piece to start your day

Girl OMG!!! I am on ur site and I have not been able to turn away...This stuff is the bomb girl..I love the first one about the love making and Womans intuition...I needed to read these...That is whats up...Thx so much and keep those blogs coming girl! Very impressed!!!!
I just want to say that u are such a Beautiful woman...Your pics are gorgeous and I love ur fashion sense...I am very much into fashion and u have given me so many ideas and new outlooks...From one Fashion Diva Veronica to another...YOU GO GIRL!!!! Blessings to u!

Aqueelah Epps  Great topic V

Michael Moore This is a great way to start my day some kinda encouraging word from someone is always a blessing thanks

Michelle Sapphire Cornish Keep doing what you do Sis! We have experienced too many losses in 2010, it's time to really appreciate life to it's fullest regardless of what the devil wants! Love Ya!

Tarsha Buie Greer That's so true boo! Just keep your head up & continue to keep the faith & just continue to do the GOOD JOB that you're doing! Love your life & the people who's in your life & EVERYTHING else will fall in place! CONTINUE YOUR DAILY SMILE BOO THIS IS YOUR YEAR TO S.H.I.N.E!!!!! HAVE A BLESSED & WONDERFUL DAY! :)

Anita HoneyBee Asma smile diva this is your time 2011 you have been a blessing to me & I thank you much success proceed with your goals you rock!!!

Susette Williams Flagonthaplay Can't stop, won't stop, Royal Beauty D.I.V.A.'S cuz we, we get down baby, we get down...#pow

Felicia Yvette Milan LOL.. get it V... you will be hosting someones show soon.. Hell hsoting your OWN show...

Tiquerra Brown I love it love it LOVE IT BIG SIS! You are constantly doing your thang! So proud of you!!!!

Bka Deja December 30
Hey V-licious...I meant to ask you what brand of make-up you wear? I so want it.

Lol thanks so much! I use a Mac foundation tech as my base and all my shadows are from I buy palettes. I use the NYX cream blush for my blush and use NYX eye liners n every bright colors cuz they are very pigmented. I get my lipstick palette from U get 66 colors for like 18 bucks and also their palettes are top of the line!

Bka Deja December 30
Perfect...I'm going to look at your video, again, on how to apply. Girl you are da' bomb!!!

Candise WelcometotheDollhouse Christian you look so pretty boo! XoXo!

Kee Will December 18
Hey lady! Oooooooo...V! I just saw your video and a Light Bulb instantly went off. I've been working on a website for my products and I'm DIGGING your Royal Passion stories.

The show was AMAZING!! Your hosting skills were THE BOMB! You guys should do a weekly panel or at least MONTHLY the chemistry of everybody was on point! I was thoroughly entertained AND schooled!!!

Those earrings are so effing HOT, I have been on the prow for something new and innovative.
SN: I AM SO FREAKING PROUD OF YOU LOVE!!! You are doing your thing. My goal is to invest in myself and start my own business when I return as well! GOD has been so awesome girl... we have so much to chat about. I will be in touch, much love :-)

Veronica Knott November 11
Im curious to know what cosmetic line you use? I really like your technic with your application - the colors are vivid and beautiful.