Make Him Wait

There's nothing wrong with making a man wait. In fact it's the best thing you can do if you plan on building a relationship. Men love the chase, its exciting to them. You have to treat your goods like its the last best thing smokin on EARTH!!! I'm not saying that you have to act like the virgin Mary but what I am saying is everybody don't qualify to enter your heavenly walls.

You need to have a waiting period LOL. Something like a probation period for a new job. I personally think that you should make him wait for at least 90 days. It sounds funny but if you wait you find out that most of the men that enter your life may end up being a regret anyway. If you give it up too fast, you may not end up liking his personality but you wouldn't know what his personality is unless you get to know him first. No need to add extra notches on your belt for a potentially worrisome ass, aggravating, lying ass, broke ass, selfish ass fellow LOL.

I'm speaking from experience. I wasn't always an angel, LMBO BUT when I decided to put special qualifications on myself and my most prized possession I begin to see that men can and will wait and most of them didn't last a full month because of personality differences so wasn't any need to let him have a piece of me. Being Fine is not a qualification. A good talk game is not a qualification. Material things like cars, wardrobe, and etc are NOT qualifications ladies. A man that respect himself and treats you like God couldn't have created a more perfect being... is a man with potential. A man that treats the women in his life with the up most respect is a man with potential. A man that wants to please your mind first is a man with potential.

Sex is so much more better when your mind is wrapped up in each other. You don't know a person until you take the time (key word) to find out key things about each other. Its so worth it. Stop giving your goodies away like everyday is Halloween, its foolishness LOL. Seriously though.

If he cant wait, he ain't worth it.

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