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Everyday a Star is born, the problem is most people never discover their worth. Your surroundings have everything to do with what shapes you to become the person that you will be. You have the choice to become an artist and paint this picture that we call “Life”. You have the power to shape your reality. You control your destiny, but the important part of this journey is you have to have the “want and will” to do so. “Why try to fit in when you were BORN TO STAND OUT?” ~@royalbeautyV
My Biography: “Where it started”
“I’m Special because I believe in me, if you believe in yourself enough and you get the right people to believe in you, your movement begins”. I come from the gritty mean streets of Huntersville, Norfolk, VA where I resided for 11 years of my life. From age 10-21 I witnessed how mean this world and these hood streets can be. There’s nothing under the sun that can harden your heart more than being a product of the ghetto, especially when you have no way out. As a sheltered teen, my mother and older brothers made sure to keep me sheltered from the madness that surrounded us. Yes I witnessed murders, kidnappings, prostitution, drug deals, drug deals gone wrong, rapes, abandonment, teen pregnancies, poverty, child incest and everything else that living in the hood can produce BUT I still had hope for myself. I still had hope for my family, I still had hope for humanity and deep down inside I knew that somewhere, somehow, there was something better for me in this world. I refused to become a product of my surroundings, I chose to stay focused and kept my head buried in my studies. 
I graduated with an Advanced Studies Diploma from Granby High School and went on to receive my Bachelors’ in Sociology from Norfolk State University. With a strong foundation in the church, I let the positivity in my friends lives’ influence my outlook on where I saw myself going in life. I made the decision to always surround myself with the unknown, so I explored priceless things that were never shared with me. I explored knowledge, empowerment, optimism, and courage. I wanted things of this world that money couldn’t buy so when I received these priceless gifts I could use them to gain the world and everything in it. I strived to be Different. A deep rooted passion of mines since grade school has always been fashion and design. I craved this luxury lifestyle. I used to dream about futuristic fashion designs as a child and wake up and draw them. My heart smiled when I stood in the mirror and saw creativity and beauty. I began to cultivate my strengths and I begin to explore “me”.
Who am I? Today I stand before you a proud mother of 2, a wife of a very successful comedian and product from my same hood “Anguz Black”. I’m a caring mother hen to all of my love ones and close friends. A certified go-getter that loves making money and building wealth. I soared through the rankings of a national MLM company and became a top earner in that company in my first 5months. I moved on from that and began branding myself as a leadership developer, a young women’s mentor, a motivational speaker, a self imaging and business marketing pro, a fashion critic, host, and a beauty journalist! is my baby, my passion for writing allows me to free my mind from reality and drift off into any picture that my mind begins to paint. I can write about ANY subject but I focus mainly on things that are purposeful. On my beauty column you can find stories of Strength, Healing, Inspiration, Common Sense, Entertainment, Comedy, Black Hertiage, Intimacy, Natural Hair and Beauty.
I’m still not where I want to be, but as you can see I’m not where I used to be. I’m still striving for greatness and my ultimate goal to help break the generational curses that plague so many poverty stricken families, to influence, inspire and bring joy to the faces of our people and show them that Life is not all bad. You have to make the CHOICE to change your surroundings and everything else will fall in its intended place.
I’m Veronica Wiggins and I am Royalty.