My OPI Polish Addiction

My absolute favorite brand of polish to use is OPI! Above is a pic of the current color I am sporting and its so beautiful. This particular shade is "Royal Flush Blush". OPI is known for the richness in its color. Very seldom do you even need 2 coats! Yes, 1 coat of any of these shades is usually enough. I use OPI because of the staying power. The color last on natural nails for about a week before chipping. A good clear top coat (OPI of course) is recommended for extra shine to your shade.

I decided to add some more attitude to my shade by adding some nail art done by myself. Use colors that compliment your base color. I choose NOT to wear false nails because I have very sensitive cuticles and only I can be as sensitive as I need when shaping and caring for my nail bed. I wore false nails for 10yrs straight!! No Breaks!! Imagine how much money I wasted!! SMH!! I use to hate going to get fill ins because I knew the nail tech was going to bump my damn cuticle!! Ouch!!!

Currently im building my own arsenal of colors, all OPI so I can change up as often as I like saving dollars in the process. A bottle of OPI is not cheap either but you get what you pay for! The colors run about $7.50-$8.50 each unless you catch them on sale. Visit the OPI site to see their wide array of colors!! Their colors are fun and festive!! OPI dries quickly which is another perk!! A tip/trick in getting your color to dry even faster is dipping them in a cup or bowl of iced water! Yep! Dip them suckers in some water with ice in it!! You can even run them under cold water to dry but the trick is, it has to be VERY COLD!

If you are limited in colors you can turn one dark color into about 5 lighter shades by adding a pure "white" color to it! The more white you add the lighter the shade becomes! I have tried this trick and I freakin loved it!!!
OPI is my TOP FAVORITE polish brand of all time!!

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Absolutely gorgeous nail color! This was such an informative article and will save us lots of money in the long run. I too wear my natural nails after years and years of damage from wearing tips. I currently use Essie polish but I have been having some issues with fast chipping. I'm excited to try OPI Polish and I'll definitely keep you posted on how I make out :)

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