Mr. Officer, Mr Officer (short Passion Story)

My hands are gripping these sheets for dear life. I let out a scream. The feathers in this down comforter between my fingers is not enough leverage for the justice this nigga is giving me. He is slurping and licking between my legs like he is going for the championship belt. OMG!!! He is giving my box the business. My legs are locked tight around his head and the more he slurps the tighter I get.

He don't seem to give a damn and neither do I. He's just giving me the tip of his tongue and driving me up the damn wall. He starts to get sloppy wit it to further drive me insane and the mission is complete cuz I bust a thunderous nut in his mouth and this nasty freak nigga is drinking it up drop for drop. Did I say OMG??? Cuz lawdie he is a beast wit the mouth piece.

The weird thing about him is his only wants to eat the box. He has never propositioned me to take it further. I'm always sitting there afterwards sweating, panting and sometime a bish even be weaping (yes I be crying) wanting more and he is always fully satisfied. What the hell is up wit this nigga? He licks the rest of me from off his mustache and grins. He takes one last look at me laying there, legs open and damn near dead and grins again. Giving me my satisfaction gives him his satisfaction. I honestly want to bust this nigga in the head for half assing this pretty pussy and not giving me that Mandingo warrior but I just laid there silently and try to send signals with my eyes. Last time I begged for it he act like I was asking the the rights to the Beatles albums so fuck him and his dick. I'm cool wit that tongue of his, besides his girlfriend lives next store and he act like he don't want to get to attached to me. News flash, nigga u eat me out 3times a week and the moment she pulls out the driveway, u ringing my doorbell...nigga u attached. Nevertheless if the sweet nectar of this pudding is enough to please u then hell, I save the stroking for my main squeeze. He turns around and makes his way out my master suite and down the stairs, I tell him lock the bottom lock and just like that, my house is quiet again.

The smile on my face is one of cockiness and pride. The cockiness comes from the fact that the hating bish next door don't know her man be all up n my goodies more than he be n hers and the pride is from the fact that I'm single and I got these niggaz wanting me bad as they want their next breath. It’s all a game for me, I don't feel a thing for these clowns cuz the last nigga I fell for, didn't appreciate shit I did for him and continuously did him with every bish under the sun. My mind frame now is, fuk niggas get money and that's exactly what I'm doing.

A graduate from VSU and a great paying job as the area coordinator of marketing at Verizon, I'm making good money and don’t want nor need a steady man. At least that's what I thought.
Things happen when u least expect them and that's exactly what happened when I got pulled over for a moving violation by this fine ass policemen by the name of Officer Daniels.

“License and registration please… Do u know y I pulled u over Ms Wilkerson?” he says as im rolling down the window to my Range.
“No sir I don't, I don't think I was speeding”... I responded
“Well your taillight is out and that a safety violation so I'm going to have to write you a summons” he said with authority
Oh this nigga trying to be hard, I thought…
I adjusted my long pony tail, fanned myself from the heat, unbuttoned the first button on my blouse and said in the sweetest tone...”Officer I live 5mins from here and Autozone is within 1mile please give me a warning and I promise I'll get it taken care of asap, its been a long day”

My small splash of flirtation obviously threw him off because he changed his tone and began to really look at me. At the same time, I begin to really look at him. I noticed how toned he was, his broad shoulders, lightly buttered skin, coil black deep waves and his gray eyes where enough to make a grown woman ask for forgiveness for some shit she ain’t even do.
Both of us where just staring at one another lost in thought when a dispatcher came thru on his radio unit and caught his attention. All I heard was something about a domestic dispute nearby and I knew I was in the clear cuz he had to hurry. I smiled and saw this as the perfect opportunity to take it further but he beat me to the punch. He gave me my summons and to my surprise nothing was on it but his name and number. He told me to make it useful , I made a mental note to do so ASAP.

I was feeling myself all damn day, I was on cloud nino, i got my break light fix and headed home. As I’m approaching my driveway, 3police units are blocking my entrance. Low and behold, the call that came through on Officer Daniels radio was a domestic dispute dispatched to my dumbass neighbor’s house. She in there whipping his ass for some other chick he was found creeping wit and I'm glad it ain’t me. I can't have all that drama on my front porch, that nigga fine but not drama fine. I inch my way into the curb in front of my crib and who do I see out my peripheral? Got damn Officer Daniels!
He looked shocked to see me walking up to my door and I could tell they were stressing him out so I mouthed the words “come over” to him, he grinned, I preceded inside and left my lower level door cracked.

Shit!!! Time for action! I wanted to have a little fun with this so I sprinted upstairs snatched the fresh roses out of my bathroom vase, tore the petals off and traced a path to my kitchen table. On the table I pulled out some fresh fruit, sliced them, and filled two flute wine glasses up with merlot. Alright that's set, I sprint to the den turn on some Kem Kemistry and run to my bedroom. I feel desperate and I don't want it to appear that way so I just slip into some silk pink Vickey Secrets PJ's. I could’ve gotten real rachet but I don't want to make him nervous.

15mins later I hear the lower level door close. My heart is racing. I didn’t want to seem too comfortable or to be sitting when he entered the second level entrance to the kitchen so I greeted him at the table with a smile. We shared a nervous laugh and sparked up a conversion about my neighborhood, it was just small talk while we ignored the heat between us. I started inquiring about the dispute next door. He explained that the altercation derived from the woman of the house finding out she had a STD and because she's not sleeping around, it could have only came from her mate. I had the blankest stare on my face as I said a silent prayer that me and ole boy never took it to the next level. I made a vow to never let him touch me again. We started getting into more personal questions as the wine loosened us up a little. I don't know when it happened but next thing I know we were tongue fucking and easing our way down on the kitchen floor. It was so cold on my back but I didn't care because the lust within me was more than enough to ignore it.

It was like we were lost in lust because not even 5mins later we were both stark naked and he was carrying me to the den. This god damn Kem Kemistry CD has us on cloud 9. It’s been a while since I was this captivated by a man but them eyes on him had a bish swooming.
It was not a game, I was into him.
His shoulders were so firm and smooth. I planted small wet kisses all on them. Tracing a wet path to his neck I stopped and bit him softly right in the area where all men surrender. No one can resist the neck action. His body jerked signaling me that I made the correct move. I tackled that spot like a starved hyena, I wanted this nigga open and I wanted him open now! His strong hands scooped and palmed my round ass. He was now standing and my legs were wrapped around his athletic body. My wetness purred for his manliness and that's exactly what he delivered. He started pounding this kitty out, with the aggression of a pussy starved heavy weight boxer. I died and went to heaven over and over again during our sexcapade.

His shaft was thick, strong and long, oh yes he was blessed, he was a perfect 10, a real keeper and I had to make him mine. It was my turn to add some aggression so I pushed him down on the carpet and mounted him like a cowgirl mounting a black stallion. I clenched my vaginal walls and made it virgin tight as I rode him with precision. I'm creaming and he's fiening. My pussy is crying and waterfalls of semen are soaking him up. He's looking at me with disbelief and I reassure him that this is real. Its real, its raw, ranchy and ready. He cums wit the force of a category 4 hurricane force winds. I could tell he hasn't had no goodness in a while. I bet that will all change now.
The night is still young so we commence to an encore performance. He is completely satisfied with what I have to give. Dust turned into dawn, I’m awakened by the rays of sunlight through the window and rolled over to a summons on my pillow that read:
“thank u for the wonderful evening. Call me later”.

I giggled at the fact he wrote it on a summons. He's making his mark on me.
I called and left him a voicemail telling him not to forget the handcuffs next time….I wanted to live out one of my secret fantasies.

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