SuperMom is Tired!

How can I maintain my superpowers if I'm tired! Tired mommies aren't productive mommies.

Why must time work against us? Heck, is it ever on our side? If you're a mommy to one child, two, or three…married or single…it doesn't matter we are all always BUSY and on the go!

It's tough NOT to become slaves to time and that's an awful helpless feeling! Do you ever get the urge to break free!! Well we can't rewind the maternal clock but we do have to steal some time away for OURSELVES every now and then!  We are constantly moving, planning, scheduling, working the 9-5, cooking and blah blah blah. Is there any title that we don't hold?

Tired moms often unconsciously neglect themselves. The family and the children are the number one priority. If we never stop to take time for ourselves then how can we give our all to everyone else? Is it possible? Where's the balance?

It’s necessary that we recharge our internal batteries by doing things that are fulfilling to "US. Our personal lives are important too! Schedule time for YOURSELF each day, it can be 10 minutes! Those moments can make all the mental difference in the world! Go work out,  spend an hour a day in a good book! Attend a pampering party or have your own relaxation day! Chose a few days out the month to go and hang out with friends so that you don't lose a piece of yourself. 

It's ok to have some "you" time supermom! You deserve it!!
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