Introducing: Chef Tiffany

Where is the butter? 
Where is the garlic?
Who used the pesto?
Has anyone seen the smoked paprika?    
Ughhh! *screaming* 
"Who's Kitchen is this"!!! 

These are all questions we seem to ask ourselves when we are cooking because as soon as we need something, "poof" it's gone! Where's the evil kitchen wizard and why is he hiding everything! LOL, ok maybe that's going a little too far but I'm so ready to hand the magic kitchen wizard his pink slip! Today I vow to have an ORGANIZED kitchen. The first step to a great meal and easy preparation is “Mise en Place”! Yup I'm giving you a new term. Mise en Place simply means 'mentally and physically in place'. Organize until you’re tired! This will save you some unwanted frustration in the future!
Review your recipes for the week and shop, that’s right shop, shop in your own pantry and cabinets gathering all the necessities to make your upcoming meals amazing. I believe in working smarter not harder, it may seem like extra steps but trust me, I'm a makes life easier.  Let's paint the picture for you visual learners....If you’re making roasted butternut squash (doesn't that sound yummy) for dinner on Sunday, roast enough to have butternut squash ravioli on Tuesday.  By having everything you need within arms reach, you’ll spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family. BAM!! That's the overall goal!  It may take a little while longer than what you previously anticipated, but you’ll thank me later especially when everyone's eating good and you're getting your quality time in with love-ones!!
Chef Tiffany
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I have had the pleasure of enjoying some of Chef Tiffany's culinary delights. Trust and believe this Chef knows her craft. She recently planned an event for me from beginning to end that received rave reviews from all the guests in attendance. This is one Chef that makes magic in the kitchen. Keep doing what you do…..because no one does it better.


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