Natural Hair | Laying the Foundation

Can We Talk about Foundation!
Hair Foundation; that is!

The most important element to being natural is making sure your foundation is done correctly! Let's paint this picture for you... As you know, no mansion can be built with sticks and mud. No, no, no it won't happen, not EVER! It needs a foundation sturdy and strong enough to endure whatever is it that it may go thru. Well, the same goes for your hair. 

Your shampoo process is your foundation! 
There are 4 steps in beginning to build strong tresses of beautiful, lasting hair.
Step 1:
Primary shampoo: this shampoo is not going to be a overly expensive name brand shampoo with 62 characters in its name that you nor I can pronounce. Its a basic shampoo and its only purpose is to get whatever is on your scalp and hair off so that your pores and hair shafts can open up for deposit.

Step 2: 
2nd shampoo (Purpose shampoo): Now that your scalp and hair is open and ready for deposit, the "purpose" shampoo used at this stage is going to provide what your scalp and hair is lacking or what it needs enhanced. Therefore the Purpose Shampoo will be a cleansing, purifying, moisture and shine, moisture retention, exfoliating, or any type shampoo that has what your scalp and hair needs!

Conditioner (also deep Conditioner): This step is going to trap and conceal alllll of the goodness you've just deposited into your hair from your shampoo. With heat, (deep conditioning) the conditioner is able to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft, leaving your tresses Oh So Soft! 

Step 4:
Leave in Conditioner: Now this step is always debatable but from Ms Nikki J's stand point, It SO necessary!  Once you have done all of the shampooing and conditioning, the last thing you did was Rinse It All Out, there's nothing wrong with that, however, wouldn't it be the icing on your favorite cake if you could provide your hair with the last ingredient of shampooing your hair. The Point? Simple, you want to protect your hair while its still wet so that when it's time to dry it, you do this with the leave-in conditioner still in. It dries easier, feels softer, provides that extra "Umph" for the hair shaft and makes styling so much easier :-) 

To make all of these steps less stressful, grab your trusty sidekick (your wide toothed comb) and comb your hair after each step. You WILL quickly see the difference!!

Living the Natural Life is actually Easy but remember you have to Lay a Good Foundation!!!

Certified Natural Hair Stylist - Nikki J
Edited by @royalbeautyV

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