Meet Arm Candy Palace

Meet the Oh so Fabulous... 
"Arm Candy Palace"
instagram: @armcandypalace 
At the end of last week I was oh so lucky enough to receive a package from the "Arm Candy Palace" There are so many things I want to say, which is a GOOD THING so let me start by telling you this...from the moment the owner contacted me until the time the package hit my door step (which was very quick) I was impressed! This is definitely a business I will support! As you can see the packaging was stellar and the shipping turn around time was lighting fast! I think I got it in 2 days, I mean literally it came so quick I wasn't even expecting it!

That was just the start. I went and browsed the company website and loved it! It appears to still be under minor construction but you are still able to shop and for a site that is still "building" it is very intriguing and professional! The marketing behind this company is great! Everything just seems to "flow" and "fit" together. They have a well thought out marketing strategy and they are ready for the big leagues! 
The instagram page is equally as brilliant and "put together".  It features videos of the pieces and music to compliment each look. 

I was very pleased with their level of customer service. I was very pleased with the thought that was put into packaging, it showed that they really care about their business and how it is perceived by customers. I was pleased with the gift certificate that was sent to me as well as the grand finale: the GORGEOUS jewelry. My personal fashion sense is leaning more into "African" inspired looks and the cognac-colored necklace pictured above will most definitely compliment my style.

Thank you for such a Wonderful shopping experience Arm Candy up you will see me sporting my Arm Candy Looks!
Stay tuned!!!

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I am happy you love our sweet pieces Stay Sweet N Fly. @ArmCandyPalace

Awesome jewelry congrats JoeJoe on new business venture

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