Meet Ms. Nikki J | Master Braider and Certified Natural Hair Stylist

"She is the Boss..."

Have you ever seen something in the making, and couldn't really describe what was going on but you felt deep in your spirit that it was going to be BIG enough to be remembered a lifetime?

That's the feeling I got when being introduced to Ms. Nikki J. This "She-Boss" is doing amazing things in the Natural Hair and Braiding Industry. Not only is she a Master Stylist, she's also has a huge heart for little girls and genuinely caters to them when they have the opportunity in coming to be styled by her blessed hands. Nikki has the most positive energy and her work is well respected around the world! Yes, I said the "world". She has clients that fly from opposite sides of the country to sit in her chair and she's also had clients arrive from other countries as well. Her work HAS TO BE PERFECTION, doesn't it?! Well keep reading and you will see why!

Meet Ms. Nikki J.  | Master Braider & Certified Natural Hair Stylist
She is quite the TOTAL PACKAGE.  I recently had the great pleasure in getting an insider's pass to her Natural Hair Meet & Greet in VA. A mutual naturalista told me to contact Nikki to acquire a pass into this SOLD OUT event. I'm told this event sold out in record timing simply because of the force behind it....Master Stylist Ms. Nikki J. Her professional reputation precedes her and the quality of her work speaks volumes.  Well, I got her contact info and instantly on our 1st phone conversation we clicked like long lost friends! LOL, we talked and laughed for almost 2 hours and I can honestly see why people love her. Not only does she have the most welcoming personality but she is also very educated in her field. After engaging in a conversation with her you are guaranteed to walk away having learned something new. How many people can you really say that about? It's very refreshing!

Two weeks later I attended her highly anticipated Natural Hair Meet & Greet and was not disappointed at all! What made her event different from other natural events I've attended (and I attend a lot) was how well-planned it was and how organized the coordinators were. This event offered a panel of almost a dozen other master stylists, hair instructors, natural stylists, and vloggers. It was truly impressive. I'm a person who believes if you are going to have a gathering and you are inviting the public into your working environment then you need to bring your A-game. You are 1 of thousands in a very competitive industry and only the great will reach the next level. I'm saying all that to say this....Ms. Nikki is ready for the next level.

Her work speaks for itself!
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She is DEF amazing! She was my hair braider for a looong while ..orking around my military schedule...untill I got into a relationship with someone that knows how to braid..however when my other halfs hands are tired Nikki is one of the only other women allowed to put her hands in my head!! I have been knowing her since 2004 when we used to braid in a shop or her home...She is well deserving of all her new found opportunities.. TRUST ME you will not be disappointed GO NIKKI!!

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