Dating Tips for the Springtime!

By RoyalBeautyV © 
May 13, 2013

Springtime Dating is Here!
Spring is like a whole seasonal holiday! An entire 3months of fun and beautiful weather. Whether you are married, in a relationship, single or playing the field…this time of year is the best time to get out and enjoy each other! Beauty Intoxicated has 10 great ideas that you and your boo should use to have a romantic date together!  

1. Plant a Garden! Have you ever wanted to start a garden full of veggies or flowers? Turn it into an Enjoyable date! It's truly a calming but fun activity. It's a great way to just engage in something different. It opens up dialogue for a wonderful evening ahead.

2. Play an outdoor game: Softball, Volleyball…any activity that will get the heart pumping! You can even visit the pool together which always works out to be very romantic. It's all about laughter and being able to enjoy every smile and every moment with that special person. 

3. Long walks. Walks on the beach or Walks through the park: According to the NYTimes, nothing eases the brain from fatigue like a long walk through the park, paired up with a date and you have a recipe for romance. It is scientifically proven that people who take advantage of strolls through leafy parks have a lower levels of stress hormones in their bodies. Enjoy this stress-less time with a date!

4. Bike rides or ride a trail on a ATV: A fun ride through the city or cruising the beach boardwalk on bikes with the boo is also a great way to enjoy some time together!

5. Boat ride: Rides on the water are very enjoyable as you take in the views of the city skyline. You have an option for fine dining, live music and dancing right underneath the beautiful stars! 

6. Picnic in the Park: Prepping and packing for a picnic date is a great bonding expierence. Sharing a meal, a few smooches and a chilled bottle of wine is what's on the menu! Engage in a shoulder and foot massage to prolong the romance and you can even bring along travel candles for your evening affair. 

7. Visit the Zoo: Pictures, ice-cream and a great sense of humor are the only things needed to turn this youthful trip into a springtime date. Don't forget to stop pass the souvenir shop for a few keepsakes. 

8. Downtown Shopping: The best way to make this an enjoyable expierence for the both of you is to pick a place to spend that you both will enjoy. Visit small shops and boutiques. The idea is to make it intimate so refrain from malls or areas where there may be large crowds. Antique shops are great places to enjoy a little time and may be even a few laughs. 

9. Daytime Dating. Visit a festival: There are plenty of festivals that you may attend together in the springtime. Music festivals, wine or cultural festivals have become hot spots for couples.  

10. BBQ together: Diner for two prepared by you two! Enjoy your own patio, and prep some food to grill together! Break out the portable fire pit for added ambiance. Wrap some party lights around a little tree or on your patio. A few of your favorite drinks and some soft music will seal the deal. 

Enjoy these Springtime date ideas from Beauty Intoxicated! and we want to hear from you!