Jada Pinkett Smith Talks about Open Marriage Rumors

By RoyalBeautyV © 
April 24, 2013

In case you have been under a rock lately, the lovely Jada Pinkett Smith has been back in the news addressing allegations concerning the details of her 15 year marriage.
It’s been rumored that Jada and her handsome spouse Will share an “open” relationship. An “open” relationship is one without boundaries where the parties involved are free to step outside their union and entertain other people.
First of all Ms. RoyalBeautyV says that the parameters of “any” relationship outside of your own AINT YA DAMN BUSINESS ANYWAY! I don’t care if the relationship is wide open, closed, ajar, or cracked; if you are not contributing to nale bill (yes nale, translation = not one damn thing) under their roof then your opinion really doesn’t matter. If you are a person that always makes it a point to voice your opinion like it matters…it’s simple, please stop lol. Jada and Will are rich, happy, and successful and they are NOT losing sleep behind public opinion lol.
A few weeks ago The Huffingtion Post addressed the revolving rumors about the pair having an open marriage. Jada told the site her husband…
“is his own man” and “can do whatever” he wants. I always told Will, you can do whatever you want as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror and be OK."
Her comments went viral and the very next week via her FB page Jada re-addressed her statements
"Will and I BOTH can do WHATEVER we want, because we TRUST each other to do so. This does NOT mean we have an open relationship ... this means we have a GROWN one”.

Well there you have it folks! You heard it from the horse’s mouth. I respect Ms. Smith…she is her OWN woman and embodies the essences of individuality. What you chose to do in YOUR relationship doesn’t have to be validated by anyone, your happiness depends on you. However you and your mate chose to co-exist is YOUR business.