Why are People So Concerned about the details in the lives of Others Around Them?

By RoyalBeautyV
© February 27, 2013

What's your concern?

They say it is human nature to watch those around us, and pay attention to what folks are doing but where is 
the line drawn?

I follow quite a few of my favorite celebs on Instagram
and I become so appalled at the things people chose to say on these celebs pictures. People can be so cruel, evil and nasty. I just don't understand how people can be so concerned about the details in the lives of others around them and I will NEVER understand why anyone would care about what's going on in the lives of people they never met!

Now please don't get me confused... I'm not saying you are not suppose to care about "people", I'm simply saying "if you don't have anything nice to say shut your mouth, stop bumping your gums and kill the gossip". Really….What is your concern?? 

This topic hit home for me a few days ago when a friend of mine overheard a group of gossiping woman having a full fledge conversation in the middle of a restaraunt about me, my husband and details surrounding the tough times in our marriage. Again I ask…what's YOUR concern? 

When incidents like this happen it's particularly in small towns and happens to people that are well known, it is a form of entertainment. There isn't much else happening, so spectators chose to sit back and chit chat about people directly or indirectly around them. I used to get offended by things of this nature but I married a successful well known man so it comes with the territory and is to be expected. To say that it doesn't bother me "at all" is a lie but you can bet that I don't lose any sleep over it nor do I return the favor because other people's business is of NO concern of mine.

Anywho as always, any details that I want to share, you can rest assure that they will come out of my own mouth and I'm happy and so excited to share with you all that my husband and I are officially back together and more in-Love than ever before! It's amazing the things that a marriage will be tested on but I'm thankful that God saw fit to have us prevail. My husband is the best man I've ever known and I'm not crazy enough to let him slip away forever. THAT'S MY LOVE!!!!!!
If you want to be concerned, concern yourself with my happiness!