Great Eye Liner

By RoyalBeautyV
© March 10, 2013

Milani Eye-Liner

I have been on a hunt for an affordable black eye-liner that doesn't smudge and I have finally found one! I'm so hyped and excited!!
My work day starts around 8am and my skin type is somewhat oily so I needed a liner that won't end up all over my face by noon LOL. The problem I was having with my favorite 'true black' NYX Cosmetics liner was that it wasn't even giving me two-hours of hold time and we can't have that type of nonsense hehehe! I love NYX because it goes on so smooth but it smudges fast, it's not horrible but I needed something better.

This weekend on my Target shopping excursion I stumbled upon Milani's long-lasting, smudge-proof liquid like liner and I was compelled to try it. It claimed to have 24-hour staying power so I was very intrigued to purchase it especially with Target's affordable price of $7.00.

I'm a MAC cosmetics lover so I'm used to paying an average of $15+ for a liner and for the quality that MAC gives it's always worth it however, show me a liner with the same level of "awesomeness" at a more affordable price and YESSSSSSS I'm hopping on it! Duhhhh LOL. Anywho, I put Milani to the test and the product passed with an A+!

I absolutely LOVE it, it's BOLD, smooth, long-lasting and oh-so Fabb! I do recommend this liner to all you beauties!
Milani Liquid Like Liner