Rihanna's Tour Drama


Ok, Badass Rihanna (and I mean “Bad” as in “Good”) just wrapped up her 777 tour that hit Mexico, Toronto, Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, London and New York and IN THAT ORDER lol.

She had 250 fans and journalists aboard her jumbo jet for the seven-country, seven-day adventure. Honey that is a lot of people! Now bringing a plane full of folks with her while she capped off her promotional tour was a great marketing idea considering she funded the entire experience. I guess she was expecting to be rewarded with a plethora of awesome press following the week-long party but it all backfired.

Well Damn! What was the Problem?

I've read mixed reviews from journalists aboard the plane but collectively they all seem disappointed because she hardly showed her face.
The plane ride turned out to be pretty disordered and journalists were frustrated that they couldn't get any photos or quotes from the superstar. 
The passengers complained about lack of sleep, red-eye flights, nasty food, WIFI accessibility and more importantly the disappearing act from Rihanna herself. They were in the dark on everything related to Rihanna.
I mean damn! How you invite guests on a 7 day tour and not entertain them and or at least show your face? Wait!! To RiRi’s defense, they did see her twice…the first day and on the final day. Humph!
On the first day she got the passengers geeked up by popping champagne and celebrating but that was one of the only appearances she made on board throughout the whole damn trip.
On the final day she did apologize for shitting on them being missing in action. She said she needed to sleep and to stay healthy. 
Now for your new album to be called "Unapologetic," how you end up apologizing for disappointing folks? I personally am NOT phased by the bad tour reviews! I'm a Rihanna fan and I'm still going to buy the album. 

Now back to the Juice...It was also reported that she had to pay up for arriving late to and leaving from every city on the tour! Well damn! Ok again, to RiRi’s defense, she is not a pilot and she’s not flying the plane ok! That can’t possibly be her fault, however due to late takeoffs, she has to pay over $300,000 in fines! Lawd have Mercy! Just give me those late fees as my annual salary and I’M GOOD!!

After the show it's the After Party!! 

After wrapping up her tour the Pop diva jetted to Germany to spend Thanksgiving with ex-boyfriend and boo Chris Brown! Owww!! Now that’s what I’m talking about!! Grind hard, Play harder! I love them two together! 
RiRi tweeted and Instagramed this photo with this caption…

All alone in my big ole jet! See you soon lover,”

Now you don’t have to be a genius to figure out that that is Chris Breezy leaving her jet. Hmmmmm. I ain’t even mad though!!

She landed in Berlin, where he was performing a concert for his own world tour, Carpe Diem and they showed up together at a nightclub late Thursday after his show popping bottles and taking shots! You better “Give Thanks” Chris!! They left later that night together in the same car, more than likely for some Bump & Grind action!

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Thanks for the story because I didn't even know Rhianna had done that for her fans. I would have been thankful just to go on the trip even if she was never on the And I like her and Chris Breezy together.

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