Peace is a wonderful thing.

I'm a big believer in "Progress & Improvement". I truly believe that each year your life should be better than the year before and I also believe that you are the author of making that happen.

People have the tendency to blame everything that is not going right in their lives on 'other' people and they fail to take responsibility for the results of their own actions. I'm not that type of person.

I don't mind taking 100% of the blame for anything because I know that
for every problem there is a solution.
As long as 'life goes on'…you have another day to make it right.

There will be people in your life that will do things that you will never understand. There will be things that will happen that you will never comprehend. People will say things about you that hold not one ounce of truth BUT the best thing for you to do is ---SMILE and keep on moving because you will maintain Peace and Peace is a wonderful thing.

In life you will go through periods of growth and maturity. I call those periods, "Seasons".

It is very wise to recognize what season you are in so that you can maximize the learning experience from it.

I have experienced seasons of total confusion in my personal life in the last year. Yes a full year of pure mental confusion and it was very stressful and depressing. I had to make decisions that I was too scared to make, decisions that I thought I wasn't strong enough to make and when it came time to step up and face my problem head on, I was able to do so because I was no longer afraid of the solution. I focused on "progress"--I found Peace.

I had to literally go back to the foundation of the things that I believe in, the things that make me happy. I'm the type of person that needs to physically see the areas of improvement in my life, when I'm not moving ahead---I'm simply not at peace.

November 2012 marked a new Season for me.
I'm now in a season of Clarity, Prioritizing & Positive Transition.
I feel it physically and internally. My mind is clear, my personal life is stress-free again and the reward of that is growth in my professional life. I actually had a moment of boredom today and I had to laugh. I laughed because lately I have been so consumed with rebuilding my life that every moment has been completely busy, if I had a moment of boredom that simply means that I can start focusing on something new now. I'm gonna start blogging more frequently and seek a gig in writing. I'm also starting a career-orientated class later this month or next month that will help secure my financial future so I'm VERY excited about that. PROGRESS!!! I NEED THAT! :)

I'm able to focus my energy in more fulfilling areas now because of what?
"Sweet Peace".

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