How to Keep it "New"

(From Me & my boo)
In relationships, that "just met you", "New", "let me get to know you" feeling is so warm and exciting.

As the relationship begins to grow and mature and you both begin to get used to each other it's important to maintain that "new-ness".

Man's Perspective: 
-Its vital to keep things spontaneous for as long as you both are together, the life of the relationship
-Both parties need to have the "want & will" to keep things fresh
-Surprise your woman with some "just Because" gestures thats totally unexpected
-Give your woman your undivided attention
-Sex!! Sex your woman any time of day, no hour is off limits. Grab a nipple err now and then.. it's healthy for you both!! TRUST ME!!!
-Tell your woman how you feel about her at all times. She will thank you for it LATER!!'
-Keep your friends out of your relationship. You should NEVER let your friend/homie or family dictate how you should be treating your woman.
-Finally, for your relationship to remain "new" it's important for you both to have the same mentality, if you are not in the same mental-space you will not keep things "fresh".

Woman's Perspective:
-Keeping your man's attention is important. The things you did to get him are the same things you need to do to keep him
-Maintaing your own Swagg is important. You can't get too comfortable that you forget to take care of yourself. You have to be at your best, every time you hit the door! You are a representation of him and he should be proud and excited to show off his girl.
-Keep it classy. No good man wants a woman that's showing his isssh off to every other man in the streets. If you are showing off everything that should be kept to the imagination then other man are constantly going to try you and your man is eventually going to become aggravated with that.  
 -Fall back and let your man BE A MAN!! If you are not messing with a weak man then let him wear the pants and make decisions for you and the relationship. If you find yourself always having to bare the weight of tough decisions then you are probably dealing with a man who is a bit weaker than you. That is annoying and you will eventually get tired of it.
-Never stop Dating! Dress up and go out to nice places together. Hold hands, flirt, play footsie, feed each other...just have fun together.
-Take care of your man's needs. When you are into a man, you want to do everything under the sun to please him. Always continue to do that.
-Finally, contribute to building a better life for the both of you. Two incomes is always better than one and if you are doing as just as much financially for the relationship than he is then you two will grow that much faster. Becoming 100% dependent on a man can land you in a dangerous position. Don't do that to yourself.

In conclusion, you can be with a man for 10+ years and it still feels NEW. It's up to you both to maintain the new-ness. It's such an awesome feeling and you really never have to let it go.

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