Two Can Play That Game

Let's Play!! What do you and your boo do when there's nothing left to?

Have you ever had a moment where you wanted to text your boo but you really don't have have a damn thing to say? LOL. When there's a awkward silence and there's nothing to to you start a conversation?
Nothing is more annoying than a person who doesn't know how to engage in some good convo. A dry personality is a recipe for an even drier relationship.

Here's the Solution ( I do this a lot with my boo)
A FUN and SEXY thing that you can do with your partner is play LOVE GAMES.
What is that? It's simple--You text a romantic/sexy phrase about how you feel and tell your boo to finish the phrase with the way he/she feels about you.
Eventually the sexii convo will turn poetic and you can be very creative at the end and print and frame your new poetry. Now please be aware because the convo can get very erotic QUICK depending on your mate LOL. This LOVE GAME completely depends on your current mood or feelings. I'm sometimes poetic. I'm sometimes lyrical. I'm sometimes passionately spiritual. Whatever your mood this is just ALL IN FUN:) Here's an example below!

YOU: "Damn Bae, my knees are shaking..."
YOUR BOO: "Girl my heart is racing..."
YOU: "Im having sexual thoughts of you..."
YOUR BOO: "Damn my Queen I love the things you do..."
YOU: "I do the things I do for you...."
YOUR BOO: "And that's why I can't get enough of you"
YOU: "You make me wanna....."
YOUR BOO: "And you know I'm gonna...."
YOU: "Give it to you right..."
YOUR BOO: "As long as it's all night..."

OK OK OK OK!!! You get the point!!! Go and play this LOVE GAME with your boo!! When you print and frame it, send me an email so I can share with the world! Have fun!!

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