Put your Freakum Dress On!

More often than not you have to put everything in your life on a brief hold and get dolled up for a night to enjoy yourself. You have to make "having a good time" a prerequisite in your life. Schedule a girls-night out a few times a month with your friends. Plan in advance so that the night flows at ease and with minimum stress.

Anytime that you plan to step out for a night on the town, began to orchestrate your "look" days in advance. Everything from apparel, accessories, shoes, hair, nails, toes and even finances should be thought out at least 4-5 days before your evening of fun. There is nothing worse that getting ready on the night of, and all of a sudden you can find a damn thing that you had on your mind. Like "Ughhhhhh wear are my fishnet stockings?" or "Ughhhhhh I can't find my metallic clutch!" That makes me so mad. Plan in advance to avoid being frustrated.

Grab your best Freakum Dress and heels and leave everything that doesn't involve "Fun", at home. Now a word to the wise: "Girls Nights" has to been done in moderation because if you get too carried away and began to neglect other areas of your life then those areas will begin to suffer. I had to learn that the hard way.

All in all, there's nothing wrong with having a good time, just plan accordingly.

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