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Hair makes the Difference!!

It's amazing how hair and makeup can take a Plain Jane from forgettable and boring to star studded and stunning!
Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you. This is my current style and I'm so in love with it. My natural hair color is jet black, yes honey JET BLACK. The added virgin Brazilian inches sewn-in gives me an exotic look. Or maybe it's the Apache in me I don't know lol, whatever it is I'm OWNING it and beauties all around me want in! Everywhere I go people ask me who does my hair, or what kind of hair is this. Welp there you have it, it's 22inches of jet black Virgin Brazilian and it is not sold in stores.
Hair is an investment and I need hair that is going to be done with little maintenance daily. This Brazilian hair is soft and lasts me about 3 months. From the day it's installed until the day I remove it, the hair maintains it's lusture and tangle-free softness AND the hair is completely re-useable. You can get about 2-3 installs out of Brazilian hair.

Brazilian Hair Facts

Official Brazilian hair should be guaranteed 100% human with NO synthetic fibers. There is nothing more disappointing than finding a few strands of synthetic fibers in high priced hair. Oh Hellllll no!!!
Brazilian hair is 'virgin' meaning it has been collected from a donor. With that said you have to be conscience of the wave patterns being slightly different each time. The care that was given to the hair when it was first collected from the donor is very important so purchasing from a reputable site/company is the best way to ensure you are getting healthy and gorgeous hair.
Virgin Hair Cuticles should be layered to face the same direction from root to end at the time of wefting which helps prevent tangling. Weft extensions offer versatility in styling.
You will need about 8oz (2bundles/packs) for styles up to 16 inches in length and 12oz (3bundles/packs) for styles up to 24inches. The longer the hair the more bundles you will need to purchase.

Store Brand Hair Facts

Most human hair sold at your local beauty supply and hair stores have undergone a cuticle-stripping process. This process of removing the cuticle layor is done using harsh acidic chemicals that leave the hair dry and lifeless with strands that do not look or feel natural. Next a weight-less silicone based product is placed over the stripped cuticles to give the hair a processed shine and smooth appearance. Please believe that this is just an "appearance" because as soon as the silicone wears off your processed hair will become dull, nappy, mated and will easily tangle. Please stay away from the cheap stuff ladies. You get what you pay for!

Royal Beauty Recommendations

Anyone can obtain beautiful Celebrity Hair! You have to be willing to depart with a few extra coins and invest. In the long run you will see that your investment will turn into huge savings because good quality hair is reusable and stays beautiful 10X times longer.
Sites I recommend are: (Reputable Virginia, USA vendor operated out of Hampton, VA)
and (Reputable African-American Owned International vendor)

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Your hair looks good on you. And it looks very natural! I think if you didn’t tell that that’s Brazilian hair, I wouldn’t have known it. Anyway, thank your sharing those info about Brazilian hair. And I also agree with you. Our hair is something worth spending for. =)

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