Foods to Spike your Sex Drive

So we are what we eat right?

Did you know that there is a plethora of foods that influence your sex drive? Who knew! Don't act like you can't use a little help in the sexual energy department every now and then and even if you don't, still follow this list to have sexual energy to spare!
Next time you are in the supermarket be sure to pick up a few extra servings of these foods to Spike your sex drive...

First up is the almighty Avocado! The Mesoamerican people from the 16th century called the Avocado tree the testicle tree! LOL! What??? In 21st century terms we would call this the "ball tree" lol! The avocado is classified as a plant and kinda resembles 'this' male body part.
Avocado- increase males hormone production and regulates the woman's thyroid glands while giving you more energy

Almonds-said to arouse passion in women

Chocolate- contains phenylethylamine. What the hell is that big word? It's a chemical believed to produce the feeling of "being in love." Ever wonder why men give women chocolates on special occasions lol, they ain't crazy! They know!

Bananas- believed to increase the desire for sexual activity in women

Raw oysters- raises sperm levels and testosterone production

Cherries- elevates arousal levels

Red Wine-improves circulation and blood flow

Fresh Figs- improves stamina

Garlic (with a side of breath mints LOL)- increases blood flow to sexual organs

Add these items to your grocery list and fill up the cart!!!! Spike your Sex Drive!

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