Holding Grudges

Holding Grudges isn't holding anybody back but you.

Man ain't this a tough lesson to learn??!!
When someone has hurt you, you feel like "Bump him/her!" I don't want, need and aint concerned with they raggley ass anyway and if I see them again, they will be lucky if I don't lay hands on them". LOL

When you are hurt, you get angry! There isn't anything wrong with anger but you don't want to let things build up inside and have it burst out all at the wrong damn times. Deal with situations as they arise so that you are able to release those burdens from your spirt. Now when that anger manifests itself into resentment and thoughts of revenge, your crazy ass need to begin to embrace forgiveness! For your own sake you need to move forward and let go grudges.

You might be the one who pays for holding grudges at the end of the day. You don't know what blessing you are standing in the way of. Being able to forgive shows you are the bigger person. I know some of you are like "to hell with the bigger person" but by embracing forgiveness, you also gain peace.

What 'hurt you" may always remain a part of your life, but forgiving that person will free that weight from your heart. Without the weight of the world on your shoulders you can focus on other positive parts of your life.

Don't hold yourself back by Holding Grudges

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I love this. So many people fail to understand that forgiveness is for YOU not the other person. Free YOURSELF like Fantasia said :)

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