It's my Potential

About 2 days ago a man shared a very beautifully detailed vision that he had of me as it relates to my profession. I want to share his vision because it inspired me and showed me something equally as profound.

"Veronica, when I look at you I see a strong intelligent woman with many talents and skills, I see a woman that can have anything she wants, a woman that was born to be in charge and running multi-million dollar companies that 'she' owns. I see people listening to you and you guiding them to fulfilling their dreams as well. I see a creative woman that owns who she is as an Aries 100%, a beautiful woman who's destiny will be a great one".

I looked at him with those words echoing in my mind and I digested them. I experienced about 5 different emotions all at once. I couldn't even smile because I was damn near frozen. It was one of those moments in your life where you feel like an angel just hand delivered a message to you from God himself. I felt challenged and determined like never before to turn those words into reality.

It's my potential. My Potential drives me to become better. My potential forces me to progress and push to the next level. I have so much potential and refuse to let it go to waste. I don't want to be regular, I want to become GREAT! I'm not concerned with nay-sayers, haters and envious hearts. My sole focus is to become That Vision.

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This brought tears to my eyes sis, but he is correct 100%! Remain focused as you are, speak that thang to the Universe through your ACTIONS <---- for they speak louder than words anyway. "Thoughts become things- choose the good ones..."

Love u lots,


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