How to KEEP him

Ladies.....everyday women come up to me and ask me how do I maintain such a great relationship with my man. It's amazing how people say they can "feel" the love that me and him share with each other. Are there tricks to maintaing a well balanced relationship? Is there a way to consistently keep things interesting?

Indeed there is beauties!! There are a ton of things you can work on together but today I'm going to let you in on 5 ways to "Keep" him. Here we go.....

1. Keep your friendship first
Keep the friendship at the forefront of your relationship! Men come and go but friends are forever. With a solid foundation as "friends" you automatically put your relationship into a category that most people won't expierence. They won't expierence it because the relationship probably won't last that long. Friends can talk about anything and work through anything. Friends know how important respect is and RESPECT goes a longggggg way in any type of relationship. Friends are considerate of one another's feelings and always do what they can to keep each other happy. Happiness is something that we ultimately desire.

2. Don't be predictable
If you want a boring relationship then be predictable. A man that knows your every move may just lose interest because men like spice. I'm not saying be a magician and do disappearing acts and crazy isssh...but sometimes randomness in your day to day activities is neccesary. When you enter into a comfort zone things become traditional so think outside the box. Some men associate being predictable with not caring because you are making no effort in doing things different. If you are predictable your partner can be distracted because he's always going to know what is coming next.

3. Challenge your man
Don't say yes to everythanggggggg, damn have your own mind. A woman with a backbone is sexiii!! Don't get this confused with being combative. Let your man lead because he is the alpha male in your union but be a strong pillar that he can lean on if the road gets rough. Challenge him to become a better man! Challenge his mind and his train of thought. Give him things to ponder on every now and then and you do this by showing him new things that are beneficial to him.

4. Get your Own!
Girlllll you better have your own life! Everything that "you are" should NOT and let me repeat---SHOULD NOT evolve around your man! Do not make the mistake of losing yourself in your guy because you will not be able to function without him and no man likes a women to be hanging off his coat-tail 24/7. Have your own assets and investments. Have your own identity! Be a force to be recken with all by yourself!

5. Add to your Man!
Woooo Lawd, a woman who can double the worth of her man's empire is a woman who is not easily replaced! Whether he is an entrepreneur or a 9-5 guy, If you can get money with your man you automatically add value to your position in the relationship. Just like women like security and stability in relationships, men do to. Knowing that you can stand on your own two feet is sexxi ladies!!

These 5 tips are a lot of work ladies. We are all a work in progress and no one is perfect so understand that everyday is not going to be easy. As long as you and your partner have a clear understanding of what it takes to please one another then you have a great recipe for a lasting relationship. The moment that one of you stop caring is the moment that you may need to reevaluate why you two are even together in the first place.

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Great tips! My husband is 26 and I'm 32, so I'm always looking for ways to keep our relationship fresh!

I enjoyed reading this it definitely makes a lot of sense and its something that just confirmed the way I have been thinking about certain things. Great tips V!

Definitely needed to read this....thanks for the tips...when I get a man I will defiantly apply these tips to the & Anguz are a power couple :-)...thanks V

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