Great Friends, Great Times

My past few weekends have been consecutively awesome!!
Looking forward to the weekend is something many working professionals do. When you dedicate your work week to the grind, when Friday rolls around you suddenly feel like sliding allllllll that to the side and getting wild. In my case, crazy wild!!
I really don't be giving 5 damns who watching, who talking, who judging, who hating...if you watching me I'm gonna give you what you are wishing for!!

I get a kick out of people watching me get loose because I don't care what people think. No ignorance involved at all, you DON'T have to act a plum fool to enjoy yourself. I work hard so I play hard. I'm so comfortable in my own skin that it's ridiculous. When I step out my number 1 goal is having an amazing time. I love to dance and drink and the combination of the two is always EPIC LOL.

This weekend's celebration was in honor of a few birthday's. My circle is getting old, aging and like wine, getting better with time. I'm happy to have such positive, inspirational and goal-orientated women in my life. We truly compliment one another on a professional level and in our personal lives. I especially appreciate being amongst friends of different professional genres. I really don't prefer being around folks that do the exact same sh*t I do, market saturation--"that's that sh*t I don't like! *Chief Keith voice* LOL!!

Anywho, Catch 31 on the Virginia Beach Oceanfront was the dining venue of choice Saturday and you really get what you pay for as far of the atmosphere is concerned. The scenery is truly beautiful. For me it really gives me a Miami feel. Grown and sexy isshhh. The beach breeze, tropical drinks, weave blowing in the wind, sundress, oversized sunshades is all I need to set my mind free.

Great friends, great times---what more can you ask for?

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