Clinque Foundations

Ok we have previously talked about Estee Lauder's foundation in an earlier blog, now I want to introduce you to Clinque's line.

Yesterday on my stroll through Greenbrier Mall (Chesapeake, VA) I bumped into a Clinque MUA. Her attitude was very pleasant and her enthusiasm for the products she represents was visibly genuine. I wanted to know why she was so happy about Clinque. The first thing that caught my eye was the fact that the have 30 shades to match any complexion! That was a huge plus for me because I love to recommend great products but before I do that I like to make sure that they have enough choices to please the masses.

Next, I asked her to shade me for my complexion and she asked the most important question that needs the correct response when shopping for foundation… "What type of skin do you have". (Dry, oily, or combination). This question is important because makeup is only as good as the skin underneath it. If you are wearing makeup be sure to purchase the right type for your skin type.

In my case I have oily skin, well--more like SUPER OILY!! I'm a walking disc ball! I can grease my scalp with the oil my face produces LOL! The kind she recommended for me was the Stay-Matte, Oil-Free option. When we selected my shade, what captured me next was how light it was. I could barely feel it on my skin and it still gave me the coverage I needed. The price was around $24.17 and for a premier foundation that's pretty good.

I do recommend Clinque's Foundations ladies…go try it out:) You will enjoy it too.

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