Trayvon Martin VA Rally

Yesterday I had the humble pleasure in being a part of history. The Zulu Nation, The Nation of Islam, 'Taking back our Hoods' and countless other organizations and VA citizens decided to come together and take a bold stand for Justice.

The painful details surrounding the unfortunate demise of yet another young brother prompted a nationwide protest. People across the globe are grabbing their hoodies, skittles, and ice teas and demonstrating to the jackasses that think they can just murder innocent men and women that we are not a THREAT!!

A hoodie was exactly what 17 year Trayvon Martin had on when he was killed in cold blood and skittles and an ice tea were the only items in his pocket when he was accused of having a weapon. If that ain't a pretty picture of BULLSHIT then I don't know what is. This act of racial profiling directly hits home in our communities because we experience it all too often and it's time for a change!

"Too many Murders, Too Little Justice" was the theme for the flyers and rally posters and "No Justice, No Justice NO Peace" were the words roaring in unity among the protesters. Every race, religion and age group was represented as we stood tall for Trayvon out in the pouring rain. The VA Hoodie Rally made CNN news and the passion for the cause was well captured. There were so many emotional moments as mothers and fathers took to the makeshift platform that the organizers used as a stage. They stood on this platform and shared words of empowerment and inspiration. They sparked a fire in our hearts to unite as a young generation and take back our Hoods, to be PROUD of the color of our skin, and to educate our minds in the TRUE history of our people.

A young brother from the 'Zulu Nation' got up and profoundly read excerpts from "The Willie Lynch letter, The Making of a Slave", that cut us all so deep that some of the protestors began to shed tears and others will visibly angry. Angry at the truth in the words and how we as a race allowed it to become a reality. "The Making of a Slave" was a speech delivered by Willie Lynch in 1712 on the banks of the James River right here in VA and gave clear direction on how to physically and mentally control a slave. This "secret" that he shared with other slave owners was to simply "set them (Blacks) against one another". I have one word for this--"Wow"!

I'm going to leave that at THAT and hopefully others will begin to retrain their thinking and begin standing for worthy causes. If you don't stand for something then you will certainly fall for anything. We Stand in Solidarity with Trayvon Martin's family in their quest for Justice.

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Power to the people as we use to say in the 60's and continue to do so for the black struggles of our communities. United we Stand and divided we fall. Good for you sis Veronica for representing the movement of unity amongst the people for the righteous cause of action. im not in Va. but i totally support the rallies held. they had one in Brooklyn. Apparently not enough information was put forth about it until it was over. I ws in the Bed-Sty area all day and heard nothing about it. Nevertheless If you don't stand up against something like this you will fall for the crappy injustices this system puts out there. Peace and Blessings for taking a stand.

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