CLEAN Makeup Brushes is a MUST!

If you're a dainty lady that loves to dabble in cosmetics then one of the most important things you should know is how critical it is to keep your brushes clean!!! Can you hear me screaming this……CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES!!!!

This is something that I really can't stress enough because through experience I've learned what being lazy and neglecting to clean your brushes can do to the skin. What difference does it make? Dirty, clean….its just a brush right? WRONG!!

When you are applying makeup not only are you adding color but you are also removing natural oils that are on your skins's surface and in turn microscopic pieces of dead skin cells also begin to collect on your brushes. Bacteria can and will build up on your brushes and cause nasty skin problems, acne, infection and etc because of dirt. Bacteria is a living organism that grows and spreads, it's totally disgusting so do yourself a huge favor and keep it out of your beauty kit!

If you are using these same brushes daily then you are applying oil, dirt and bacteria right back into your skin's open pores. This is fast recipe for disaster. You should be cleaning your brushes at least once a week and trust me, your face will thank you for it. To clean them you can use your regular hair shampoo or if you have very expensive brushes that are made of goat hair then use a mild baby shampoo, rinse with warm water and let them air dry.

If you want to be real fancy then go buy you some cleaning solution and have a ball but ladies the common goal is beautiful makeup on a clean and smooth face and this can only be done with CLEAN BRUSHES!!

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