Organize your Fashion Chaos!

What's the point of buying a bunch of stuff just to have it tossed around, thrown all over your dresser or laying all over the place?

If you are going to invest your hard earned coins on awesome pieces at least show your appreciation to the brand by keeping it neat and organized. You'll thank yourself for it later.
A very effective and inexpensive way to "Organize Your Fashion Chaos" is purchasing a rotating shoe rack. Yep! Who would have ever thought!!! It's convenient because it can hold all of your hanging earrings, all your necklaces and bracelets. It's very heavy duty, after all it was designed to hold shoes and the best part to me is it rotates:)

Another great idea to help you organize your fashion chaos is purchasing a utility rack. This particular one is actually a 3tier rack and I love it because you are able to see all of your accessories and keep things separate and neat. It's sturdy enough for you to place all your clutches, more earrings and whatever other accessories you may have here. Both these items can be purchased at Target for $20 each and one thing is for certain, you will appreciate your things more if you treat them a little better:)

Those little earring holders from Claire's won't hold the large earrings I wear and it definitely won't house my entire collection. Some people like the jewelry towers or jewelry boxes....again, not for me because I need to be able to see my accessories. If it's out of sight for me then it's out of mind.

I hope these inexpensive tips are helpful to you!!! Have fun Organizing your Fashion Chaos!!

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