Fashion Sundays with Vee!! "ShoeGasm"

It's that time again!! Fashion Sundays with Royal Beauty Vee!
Today's focus for you beautiful fashionistas is SHOES!!

Shoes are the way to every woman's heart aren't they! Ok well maybe I'm speaking for myself lol. It's no secret how much I ADORE a mean shoe so today I wanna discuss what's HOTTTT in shoe fashion.

These shoes are from Nicholas Kirkwood. He is a young designer born in 1980 in Germany when his father who was in the US Army was stationed there. So born in Germany but I consider him American *shrugs*. Any who, his shoe creations are second to none. NOBODY is seeing this man in the shoe industry in my opinion and when I say that I mean...there is zero competition. That's a bold statement right! Welp, I just call it like I see it! The shoes above (worn by Sarah Jessica Parker) have a tasteful splash of neon peeking out of the design to give it that stand-alone appeal that puts Nicholas in a class all his own! Do yourself a favor and copy and paste the link below to see his entire Spring 2012 collection!

Next up is the Neon Suede shoe craze!

First of all, I've ALWAYS been a devout fan of suede shoes! Add a LOUD color to a suede shoe and what you get is a masterpiece! Every shoe designer and every shoe store is catering to this craze!! All sorts of heels sizes, wedges and even flats are populating the shoe land in Neon colors. When wearing a shoe this colorful your outfit can not be the focal point. Busy prints or "too much" going on will destroy the attention of the shoe. With neon shoes....your shoe is your accessory so stay subtle with everything else. They say "history repeats itself", I can definitely cosign to that. Neons are so 70's but I'm not even mad because they are so FIERCE!!

Shoe designer Gabrielle Marina Gonzalez is unearthly with her shoes! Her wedges are made for a real fashion Goddess!

You can catch Lady GaGa often sporting these sky high wedges and LAWDDDDDDD let me tell you, you BETTA have talent to walk in these!! I am praying for your ankles as we speak!!! Oh and HELL YES I would wear these!! SICK ain't even the word to describe how awesome these shoes are!! Bow down to the Queen! This is one hell of a shoe statement, the kind that will have you gasping for air! Werkkk it!!!

Ok now it's time for the Grand Finale!
Does this image look familiar? These shoes are by shoe designer Gareth Pugh worn by Beyonce in her "Who Run the World" video! GOD AL MIGHTY is my reaction when looking at these killer shoes!!

I died, went to Heaven, died again and was resurrected by the shoe God herself when I first laid eyes on these!! My heart started pounding and I damn near blacked out! What in the world can really compare to these?!! What really floored me was how she rocked these bad babies with that sequined dress because it's just my style!! I would rock fire from this look!

These shoes are literally screaming...MOVE DA HELL OVA BECAUSE "MAWU" THEE AFRICAN SUPREME GODDESS AND CREATOR OF ALL THINGS is coming through!!!!!
Lawd have Mercy!! It's Fashion Sunday's with Vee!! Hope you had a Powerful ShoeGasm!! I know I did!

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You know I'm a shoe whore!! love this post sissy pooh!

I want those tights Gaga has on!!

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