Sex Language

What's your Sex Language?

Don't you know that in order for you to be completely satisfied you have to communicate your Sex Language to your partner. Women sometimes drop the ball (no pun intended) in this area because we fear the consequences. "Maybe he will get mad". "He may not want to be with me anymore". "He's going to think he's not doing a good job".

We come up with a million reasons why we won't open our mouth and tell our partners how to please us. At the end of the love making session we are the ones missing out if you are too afraid to communicate how you "like it". No need to be scared because if your partner is not willing to please you then there's really no point in laying with them anyway!! If they are all for "self" then let them make love to themselves!!

Are you a talker? Do you like it rough? Are you are sensual lover? Where's your G-Spot? Have you ever had an orgasm? What areas on your body drive you crazy? Are there areas on your body that you want left ALONE? What's your limit? What won't you do? Do you like to cuddle afterwards? Do you enjoy 4 play? Is "oral" a requirement? Are you a minute man? Do you enjoy quickies? Are you a spontaneous lover that like it counter, bedroom floor, back seat in the whip...etc?

It's not what we say, it's "how" we say it. You can effectively communicate with your mate during dinner, movies on the couch night, in the car on the way to the store or WHEREVER you two have that awkward moment of silence when you don't have nothing else to talk about anyway!! I bet this will FOR SURE open up a few hours of dialogue between the two of you LOL!!

Sex Language!! U better Try it!

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