Moving Day

Finally settled!!!
Just moved out of my huge house into something more intimate and controllable. LOL, yes I used the word controllable because my last home was so BIG I had to hire "the help" to assist me in maintaining it and keep it clean. I was exhausted and completely done with the responsibility of having something so overwhelming so I decided to downsize just a wee-bit:)

Moving is exhausting in itself isn't it!!! Talk about drained...I AM BEAT! I did so much of the work myself because my husband has so many jobs and really couldn't be there to take on his share of the work. After all the packing and moving some boxes my brothers came through and completely took over the remainder of the work. THANK GOD FOR THEM!!! I was stressed, aggravated and in a horrible mood because I just wanted to snap my fingers like a genie and be done with the whole process. In some ways I feel like God granted me that wish when my brothers showed up with smiles on their faces, full of energy and ready to work:)

Let's face it, who likes the actual moving process? My brothers came and worked faster that any moving company could've and that was after they left their own jobs working a double shift!! I have a whole new respect for them. A few hours later they were done and my headache is over:)

So what are the TOP 5 things needed for a Stress-Free Inexpensive Move?
First- you need you Get packing supplies/tools. Get more than enough boxes because it's always better to have more than enough than "not enough".
You don't have to be all fancy and get special boxes either. A box is a box lol. Some people like to get those kitchen boxes that separates their glassware with little dividers. Ugh PLEASE! Save yourself a dime or two and wrap those glasses/plates up in some newspaper! They will be just as safe.

Second- Find some packing help! Grab a spouse/friend and start with one room at a time. My best friend Monique Yesenia came through without me even asking and starting packing. I'm so lucky to have a BFF like her. We sat down and discussed what we were going to work on first. It's easier when you have some direction of what you are actually doing. When you do one room at a time you start to see some progress and that does wonders for you mentally lol.

Third-Call your city's free trash removal service and schedule a pickup of the items that you are not taking. Instead of throwing away things that you don't want anymore call the Salvation Army and have them come and collect those items.

Forth-Set up your Moving Service. Call a moving company and reserve a truck at least 6-7days before your move. Don't forget to get a dolly as well, it helps move your boxes faster saving you 50% of the time.

Fifth-If you didn't hire men to help you move then call some male friends/fam at least a week in advance to assist you. Nobody likes last minute requests for help so be sure to get that out the way asap!!

Take this advice and your Moving Day will be a little less stressful than mine was lol!!
Ok I wish you a Happy Moving Day....and I do mean "Happy" :)

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