New Year, New You (Contest)

As I lay here and reminisce on this years events and accomplishments and replay my progress, I can truly say I am pleased. Of course life has had it's ups and downs but overall I conquered them and I'm still here standing tall. Each year I aim to improve. In order for me to feel fulfilled then I must move forward yearly. I hate to stay stagnated in the same position.

Around this time of year is when I begin to gather my new short-term goals and I also begin to reconstruct my vision board. I'm a true visionary. I've revamped by blog look for 2012 and I will be rolling out my new website in a few weeks. Turning my thoughts into reality serves as a challenge to me and I really get a natural high from it. I'm going to be doing a seminar soon implementing some of these practices of mine so please stay tuned for more info on that.

Ok...New Year, New You.
I like to go into the new year---NEW! Since we are entering this new beginning of course I have decided to do some new things with my look. I've started off by highlighting my hair. I swear by curly hair. It is the absolute most easiest way get away with NOT doing your hair everyday. It's extremely low maintenance and literally a wake-up-and-go style. I have been curly for a year now and honestly I only have to tease my curls maybe once every 3 days and I don't have to add ANY KIND of product to it whatsoever. It last about 6weeks before needing a redo. I have the invisible part in the front courtesy of my sister Tiquerra Brown and the rest is a sew in. This time around I added highlights which really looks great with my skin tone and it also lighten my complexion.

Next...the "Stiletto Nail". This pointy nail is a popular trend in music videos from some of the industry's top performers such as Beyonce, Lady GaGa, Rihanna, and Fergie, just to name a few. You will hear them being referred to a stiletto nails, fang nails, almond nails, pointy and etc. Only true fashionistas can appreciate them by rocking them and representing the style well. I'm a trendsetter so this is my current design and I have been getting compliments on them like KRAZZZZYYYYY!! I'm truly in LOVE with them. An all white nail is soooo Red Carpet and the glitter gives the style just a hint of personality. The Ladies are loving this look.

Ok that's Vee...Be sure to share your New Year, New You Stories for your chance to win something FABB out of my Fierce Cosmetic Haul!! I want to hear from you:) Submit your 2-3 paragraph comments below and I will be announcing the winner on January 1, 2012. Don't wait, submit it today:)
Happy New Year!!

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