The Strength of a Black Woman

I love being a Black Woman. I love being me. I have a whole lot of energy and a very free spirit. I'm so far outside the box that many times I'm misunderstood. Sometimes I maybe a little too much but I'm so easy to Love. I'm a person that won't tolerate a mood swingy, up and down personality so I try to be the same person all day everyday however everyday is not a walk in the park and excessive smiles. I'm saying that to say this IT'S NOT EASY BEING A BLACK WOMAN.

It's so easy for us to be feisty because of all the shit we have to put up with. We don't necessarily have access to bailouts from our poverty stricken families to take the load of life off our shoulders so it's common for us to be frustrated. The things we tend to put up with, with our black men is another thing that has us border line crazy. How many times do we have to have our hearts broken before we become emotionless. How many days do we have to raise these children without their fathers before our patience is completely destroyed. How many times do we have to be overlooked for that position at work that we over qualify for before feeling unappreciated. IT'S NOT EASY BEING A BLACK WOMAN.

There's nothing sexier than a strong black man but since we out number them 8-1, because it seems to be more of them locked up in prison or in and out of the criminal justice revolving door, so WE must possess that strength. The strength to smile when we are sad, the strength to speak calm when we are mad. The strength to keep going when we can no longer see the lighted path before us. The strength to befriend our enemies. The strength to build when everything around us is pulling us down. The strength to LOVE when we are not being loved back. The strength to still carry our families when the ground beneath us is crumbling and weak.

There's so much STRENGTH in the BLACK WOMAN. Who the hell said it was going to be easy? What doesn't kill us makes us stronger right? I AM WOMAN-HEAR ME ROAR!

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Each of us are roses pushing through that concrete...suffering, enduring, rising, and shining!

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