The Couture RunDown! An Overview of 2012 Spring/Summer Designer Collections

Designers are excellent sources for your fashion inspiration. I'm a serious fashionista. I can sit and watch fashion shows all day!! Not just ANY fashion show, OFFICIAL ones! Paris, Milan, Tokyo, L.A., NewYork, Italy, Hong Kong, London and etc.

I been into fashion since I was a young girl. I always felt a special connection to the creativity displayed. Fashion helps me express myself and I love to think outside the box. When I'm reviewing these designer runway collections I'm looking to see are these fashions wearable for the everyday woman. Although many of these garments are NOT affordable for the everyday woman, you can certainly recreate these looks at bargain prices. Once again, these shows are great sources for inspiration.

Inside the world of fashion, designers are always a season ahead of the calendar. Right now the spring/summer collections are being showcased on runways worldwide. I had the online pleasure of viewing the lines of some of your favorite TOP International renowned designers and here is
"The Royal Couture RunDown"

Victoria Beckham
played it safe with her line. When I'm critiquing the collections I'm looking for eye catching pieces that are innovative and that any confident woman can wear. I kinda wanted more from her considering she is a fashion icon but there was nothing worth purchasing from her line.

Versace always gives me Life. Donatella has re-introduced some of his old prints from the 90's with a cutting-edge twist. She didn't get crazy with the colors like sometimes Versace is known for doing and the designs are still EPIC. Let me just say this so ya'll understand how serious it is….Versace Spring 2012 collection is Amazingly AWESOME, it gets a STANDING OVATION from me.

Stella Mccartney's line is very neutral with a few attempts of color here and there. It was pretty much FORGETTABLE!

I LOVE Roberto Cavalli for his blazers! He infamous for Official statement pieces. His spring line is FABB!!

Ralph Lauren dropped the ball in his women's spring 2012 collection. I didn't see anything eye catching. He kept it traditional.

Prada was doing the absolute most! Their line looks like table cloths from the 70's. I really felt as though the designer shopped in the thrift store on this collection lol. The pieces had no life whatsoever.

Mochino's line had a lot of door knocker earrings with a 19th century spaniard bull fighting influence. If that's your taste then you may like it but it really doesn't relate to the masses.

Missoni's spring line is strictly Spanish Gypsy influenced. You will definitely end up looking like you are going to the Brazilian carnival because it's wayyyy to festive.

Michael Kors is still stuck on gladiator sandals…Uggghh that was sooo 2008. I'm not fan because his line looks like it can be sold at Walmart which means that he is completely overrated. His spring line looks like u are dressing for a safari adventure, like something the crocodile hunter and his family would wear. I just don't get the hype.

Ok there is Marc by Marc Jacobs and then you have the regular Marc Jacobs collection. There's a big difference! Marc by Marc Jacobs is very preppy and ivy league and the signature Marc Jacobs line is more couture and FAR outside the box. I prefer Marc by Marc Jacobs because its actually wearable.

Out of the whole spring collection Louis Vuitton had a few wearable pieces and I do mean a FEW! Only about 3 out of 48. That's not acceptable.

With a brand like Jean Paul Gaultier you really shouldn't have to try hard but sadly he FAILED his spring line and I'm a little shocked. His fabric combinations are completely wrong and frustrating for such a notable brand.

Now Hermes FALL collection was said to be "misguided" lol but y'all kno Christophe Lemaire runs it now and sadly his Spring line really didn't redeem the collection.

GUCCI 2012 Spring collection was a waste of my eye sight. Very bland and extremely boring.

Givenchy has great nightlife pieces that COMMAND ATTENTION. Givenchy is great for pieces that POP and SCREAM "BOSS". Everything in the entire collection is utterly Amazing.

Giorgio Armani seemed to have incorporated a lot of metallics into his Spring 2012 collection. Nothing that really stood out but I will still give him a passing grade.

Never really been a fan of Fendi…their line always seems to be missing that something special to me and their Spring line does the same.

I wonder where Emilio Pucci got her 2012 Spring collection influence?? It looked Arab inspired to me and it was simply gorgeous.

Alexander McQueen has been my fav since 97. His collection never disappoints! He was always light years ahead of fashion and even in his untimely death he still is. R.I.P.

Dolce & Gabbana mixed fruit and floral patterns together! Why? Wow, I detest his spring line.

I can safely say that Christian Dior is very wearable daily. Their whole spring lineup was one of the best on the runways. I've always been a fan of CD…Christian Dior always has a very feminine collection that SCREAMS SEXY so I expected nothing less.

The Chole spring 2012 collection is great for a day out on the yacht. The pieces were airy with lots of Linens.

BCBG spring 2012 collection is great for a woman with killer curves

Chanel is such a classic classy brand and of course their spring 2012 collection floored me. I give it a *Royal 2thumbs up*

Balenciaga Spring 2012 runway collection is a mess too:( The fabrics used didn't compliment each other & the patterns were also nonsupporting. I dont agree with mixing dark hues with pastels I'm sorry I just dont.

I'm not impressed with the YSL spring 2012 collection either…sorry I guess they are just good for tee-shirts because nothing else seemed to be for the masses.

whelp thats all folks LOL. you have been thoroughly educated on whats Hott in High-end Fashion for next season. As you can see I love watching, wearing and critiquing what's HOTT in designer collections. Click the link below to enjoy what I call a REAL fashion show! Burberry takes the crown the best collection!!

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