Beauty Day wit Vee

On October 30th I kicked off my "MakeMeOva" Beauty and Flawlessness Sessions where young ladies and women register to come and gain some Diva knowledge, 101 MakeUp Tips, Beauty Tips and all of my Cosmetic secrets. These sessions are very interactive and informative. I require that my attendees take notes and others actually practice the techniques I teach on the spot!! We laugh, learn and network.
My classes are broken up into 3 separate sessions and each one goes deeper into depth on the Beauty Industry. It's easy to see how passionate I am about my work because I get so excited about it. I love to treat my students to beauty freebies and makeup gifts to those who are actually bold enough to practice the techniques I'm teaching in the class. My reward in return are their smiles. I remember how thrilled I was learning new cosmetic tips when the interest sparked my attention years ago. Since then, I have a controlled obsession with it lol.

To add more punch to the class I invite some of my favorite brand builders to come in and share their products with my guests. It's important for me to include the representatives of the everyday brands I actually use in my sessions because they can give a more detailed background on the things I consider essential in daily beauty. I offer my honest reviews and lots of tips to enhance these products. In my Oct 30th session I invited Monique Diamond from Moliciouz Lipz Lip Gloss, Marquita Bianca from Leg Lovers, Mrs. Serena from Serenity Designs and Tiquerra Brown from BowTied Divaz. My guests fell in love with each of their product lines and I was please that they actually made some sales:)

Overall it was a GREAT turnout and my next session will be in December with the exact day stay tuned:)

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