Royal Beauty Pasta

I love pasta!!

I had to ween myself off it over the years because I begin to notice that every time I go out and dine, its the only thing I order. I like it because its your whole meal in one and it's not as messy as other dishes. Instead of ordering it out all the time, I decided that its probably cheaper for me to just cook it at home. Paying $12 for one serving at a restaurant begins to add up quickly. So today was pasta day.

What's the most delicious way to cook pasta? A standard size box of pasta serves about 4 people and needs to be cooked in 6quarts of boiling water. Since 4cups equal 1 quart, you need a pretty nice size pot. I recommend that you go very heavy with the salt. You can use regular table salt or kosher salt. When I say "go heavy" I mean be very generous, add about a handful of salt to your water. The salt is really going to add flavor to your pasta and trust me it won't make it too salty. I'm not trying to give anyone high blood pressure but you really do need to get loose with the salt so that the noodles themselves are not bland in taste.

Make sure you check your pasta frequently and you do this by actually tasting the noodles while their cooking. Just bite off a little piece and chew it up. Right before it gets to the softness of your desire then pull it from the stove and drain it. You can add a little EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) to your pasta so that it doesn't stick. After that garnish it whatever way you like.

You can see in my pic I added grilled chicken, cheese sauce and shredded extra sharp cheddar to mine. Yep these are my very own pictures:) A sista can cook!!!

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