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Time and Time again, women come up to me and say, Vee I want to take some pictures but I don't know how to pose. My first response is "yes you do". Anyone can pose but the key is CONFIDENCE!

Confidence is a MUST on the set of a photoshoot. You can't hide it from the lens, the camera will pick up every amount of insecurity in you. Women are naturally sexy so you have to pull from that source when taking professional photos. Here are some key tips you want to keep in mind:

1. Facial expressions: You really don't have to over do the facial expressions. Some do, some don't. It depends on how extensive you want your photo portfolio to be. Me personally, I'm not a model so I just take pictures for fun and to hang up in my home. Be aware of the expression on your face. Have confidence and like Tyra say "Smile with your eyes". Smiling with your eyes is a sexy squint. It's almost like you are piercing someone's soul with your stare. It's a seductive look and it works every time. oh and keep in mind that you don't always have to look into the lens, you can look away from it to and capture an amazing photo.

2.Body Language is EVERYTHING! You have to be aware of all your body parts and pose from each one of them. Practice makes perfect so purchase a full length mirror and play in front of it often. Before you know it you will become fully aware of your best angles and these are the ones you use in your shoots.

3. Makeup: Yes my will need a MUA (makeup artist) This is essential. A MUA is going to make you look as close to perfection as possible and don't be a smartass, cuz WE ALL HAVE IMPERFECTIONS Lol. Your makeup application should ENHANCE your beauty NOT completely change your face! Less is more! There are small things you can do to the face to make you look "High Fashion", consult with your MUA for tips

3. Your Fit: The outfit you chose to do your shoot in should be timeless. Again Less is more. Don't over do it and make sure your clothes are fitting and that you have a foundation on if your belly is a little sizable (if you know what I mean). If that went over your head then let me spell it out: PUT A GURTLE ON! A SPANX or something lol! Hell, sometimes I double up my spanx lol! It work every time! If your legs have scars that camouflage them with a few pair of translucent stockings. Yes I said a "few" pair. Stockings holds that jiggle in the thighs together and you may need a few pair on to create a "tight-fitted" look. If you don't want to double up your stockings then wear some fishnets or lace stockings, they will also get the job done.

4. Your hair: Your hair should be a bit over exaggerated. You may need to glue/sew in a few pieces to give yourself a "full look". I recommend you get your hair done a 1-2days before a shoot so if you don't like it you can alter it.

5. Shoes/accessories: If your backdrop calls for shoes then your heel size should be high and fairly new. Practice walking in your heels so that you don't stand with an unattractive lean. Your heels should be a solid color because you don't want them to be the focal point of your picture. Your accessories should be oversized and couture. Look through fashion magazines to get ideas and inspiration. Your accessories can make an extremely plain outfit look runway worthy!

Everything on you and about you should be cohesive, meaning everything should work together. Follow these tips and you will have EPIC photos!! Good luck to you!

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