My Review of the Tank Concert

One of my favorite R&B Singers of all times just headlined here in Virginia. Tank and all of his fineness was at the Portsmouth, Pavilion on the P-Town Waterfront. Ok so what does Royal Beauty think about the performances??

First of all, another one of my fav artist opened up for Tank. Yep, Avant dropped through and did his thing and I thought I was in love with him until I saw him in person. He's kinda short and he is gaining a little weight. Now I'm not a girl that's against a man with meat on his bones because my husband is not a chico stick, he is a 250 plus brother and I love every bit of him. Ok back to Avant, something about his physical apperance didn't really turn me on, I mean he had a couple of sexy seconds but overall I could've closed my eyes and just listened to him and would have been equally satisfied. I still love him but is what it is, he has a voice of an angel and that's where it stops for me.
Ledisi, came on Next. Yep WTH, right? Don't get me wrong, this woman's vocal range is one of the best in the industry right up there with Pattie Labelle but she wasn't a good fit for this type of sexual, four play, bedroom lyrics type of R&B. When she came on and did her thing, my juices dried up Lol. She was good but I was mentally ready for some...ok nevermind, u get the point. What pissed me off was the amount of time they gave her. She sang more songs than Avant and she was on stage for well over an hour. Before she came on, the stage hands were prepping the stage like she was the damn headliner. How the heck did Avant open for her?? I was ready for this honey to shut the hell up and bring out my boo Tank!

Finally the man of the hour, graced the stage in an all black Tailor made GQ cut suit. He's was BEYOND sexy!!! His body was perfectly fit and the swag was on One Trillion! I couldn't get good pictures because the lights where too bright and I was right in the front but TRUST me he put on a show. He brought a girl up on stage and fondle her, kissed her neck and spinned the chick around and....use your imagination LOL!! IT WAS EVERYTHING!!! He gave away some money by asking "Who in here got their nails, feet and hair done to come see me and ain't no man do it for you", the women went crazy and he randomly picked a few out of the crowd and gave them money. He performed a few of his hits and I was having a moment. A very happy moment until he concluded the show after only being on the stage for maybe 30minutes. Yeah, he had to be at another club and the show was running late because of the other openers and all the time they took to set up so my boo was on and off the stage, wayyyy to quickly for me.

Needless to say...I was disappointed but I'm glad I saw him. If I had to grade it, I give the concert a B-

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