My Review of the Apple Iphone 4

I recently purchased the Apple I phone 4 and I have PLENTY to say about it.

I brought the all white 16GB phone because I didn't want a traditional black and since I only use my phone for email, social sites, texting and calling...i figured I didn't need much memory. I'm the type of person that dont use a lot of memory on pictures because soon as I snap a pic, I email it to my gmail and delete the pic of my phone afterwards. I got in the habit of doing that because if something happens to my phone then I know I will always have my pictures backed up on my email. If you tend to store documents, presentations, lots of pics and etc then you may need the 32GB phone.

The Journey: For the last 8 years I have been a loyal BlackBerry customer so this year I wanted to try something a little different. I wanted a small transition and I wasn't quite ready for an all touch screen phone. I wanted a smart phone with a full keyboard. This year alone I have had 3Brand new smart phones from Verizon. It's only September so as you may notice something is NOT normal about having to purchase 3 New phones. I started out with the Droid2 Global and I feel in love with the phone until it kept overheating every 20mins. The screen froze up wayyyyy more than I could tolerate and 4weeks into having the phone, it died and never came back to life. Seriously!! My Droid was 4weeks old and when the battery died one day it wouldn't turn back on. I had to warranty that phone out and Verizon sent me a new one (same phone). This phone didn't overheat but the touchscreen feature barely worked and that's a major problem because it's the most important function on the phone. This particular model had the full slide out keyboard as well. After about 2months of having that phone, I made the decision to get the iPhone. Actually I feel as though I was kinda forced into this decision because my Droid2 Global replacement turned out to be just as crappy as the first one. Please keep in mind that these phones were supposedly brand new.
Ok so I called and got an Upgrade to the Iphone.

iPhone customer Day #1: I waited about 3business days to get my phone delivered to me. By this time I was excited and anxious about getting it activated. Before you can even use the phone, u have to hook it up to a computer and download iTunes on it. I thought that was strange and a little aggravating since I never had an iTunes account before. After that was done, I noticed that my phone didn't have many standard apps preinstalled so I had to download my social sites, and alarm and the dictionary lol. After that I left the phone AS IS and checked out it's other features. I was falling in love.

iPhone customer Day #2: Today I'm absolutely happy about my recent purchase and I'm feeling like FINALLY I got a phone that works and one that I love.

iPhone customer Day #3: 6:30am I'm up and waiting for my Alarm App to go off and guess what? IT DIDN'T. Thank God I was up because if I had been relying on my phone then I would have been late to work. Upon further inspection I noticed that my brand new iphone was frozen and only bouncing from the "Lock Screen" to the "Apple Icon" screen. Other than this, the phone wouldn't do ANYTHING else. I couldn't unlock it, dial out, power it off or anything. You can't pop the battery out because it doen't have one. After everything that I have been through with Verizon phones, I really didn't want to be going through this again. I end up having to take the phone to a Verizon Retail store to have one of their reps fix it. To make a long story short they couldn't so they recommended that I take it to the Apple Store. I was HEATED!!! I never ever thought I would be up in the Apple store because it's only 1 in this area and the waiting list to get inside is always at least an hour long.

Ok so I went to the Apple Store, it took them a while to fix it so they ended up ordering me a new one. I'm currently waiting my 5-7days for that to come in the mail.

So all in all Im waiting for my FORTH phone this year but I think the Apple iPhone is going make me love it again. I will keep you updated:)

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Awh man i'm sorry to hear about your bad experience with the phone :-( I have a iPhone 4 and I loooove it!! Trust me, when you get things working right you will fall in love! I too was a loyal blackberry/BBM groupie but once I got the iphone my life has never been the same LOL! There are tons of free apps, the calendar, notepad, google maps etc is the best! Just take some time to play around with it when you receive a WORKING one and I guarantee you won't look back!

Good post!!

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