You can't force Chemistry

As I stand beside this reflection of myself...I turn to the mirror and ask "Are you a Dream Girl?"

How do you know if you have what it takes to settle down, become a one man's woman and make a good man happy. It takes a certain level of chemistry to formulate a good productive relationship. The levels have to equal on both sides. You can't have one person giving their all and the other person just sitting back taking, taking, taking, and absorbing on the goodness.

It's almost impossible to have a functioning relationship if that good ole chemistry is not present. That's why some people just become sex buddies without the benefit of a flourishing relationship. There are NO sparks outside of sex between them. I've been there done that and it's an empty feeling. It gets boring quick even if the sex is good because ultimately you do want somebody to "Love".

One thing about Chemistry is you absolutely cannot force it! It's either present or it's not! It's aggravating to some extent because if you know you are dealing with a good guy/girl and the connection is not there you feel like "WTF". Why can't we fall blissfully in love, why is there no electricity between us? Why don't we mesh or fit? Welp guys...sorry to break the news but you got to recognize when some things are just temporary and not permanent. Some things are simply not meant to be.

You can't force chemistry my friends.

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