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"Hi, veronica I'm trying to start my business which will deal with clients of all array in regards to Public relations,retail, and more. How should I go about getting it started. I have a few clients that I have been dealing with unofficially but I wanted to become official" -Shanda

I love it when my readers ask questions especially when it's regarding life decisions and things that will better their circumstances. Starting a business is always exciting and the first thing you want to do is link with another individual that has traveled the same road that you are headed down. Draw your inspiration from their experiences.

There's no need to reinvent the wheel, see what they have done and start taking the proper steps. After you get there then you can make it your own. Ok now to address the question at hand. If you are looking to be a publicist in the fashion, makeup, and beauty field then you need to do some research. Keep in mind that research can take days, weeks, or possibly months. You want to gain as much knowledge about the industry as possible and become an expert on what it takes to make a name for yourself and MONEY in the field. Build your clientele, start marketing and promoting yourself, build a website, a BUSINESS FACEBOOK and retrain your thinking. You are about to go in business so you need to eat, sleep and breath this passion until you reach your desired level of success.

Start surrounding yourself with people who are going to help you get to where you need to be, research business training courses/seminars/conferences near you that relates to your field. If your true desire is to be successful then you must start building a brand! People relate to brand names!

If you have more specific questions feel free to email with "Ask Vee" in the subject line but here is how you get started in business:)
Good Luck Diva!!

Follow up: "thank you i just read the blog. the only thing is that here in louisiana they really dont have to people to surround yourself with thats on the status of what you and the others have accomplished. im currently in the process of putting my consulting business out to the public eye. i saw that you had enterprises is that the same as LLC or a corporation?ive worked in retail for years and worked in businesses also. im taking what ive learned and bringing it to the public eye that will grab their attention"...Shanda

go on , type in your zip code and you will be surprised how many people are in your field around you:) LLC's and corporation completely different. LLC's are better for small business owners because it limits your liability in the event of any type of lawsuit or errors. It sounds as though you already have the experience behind u so start to promote yourself so that your face and name is more recognizable in your area. you can lock down that whole area if there's only a few out there in your industry! That alone is EXCITING!! go girl!!!..

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