New Passion Story with Co-Author BoldPrint

Excerpt from an upcoming Novel: "Drama at the Front Door"
(An Erotic tale from Author Royal Beauty V in compilation with an Intimate Inker by the name of 'Bold Print')

When I got up this morning all I could think about was how amazing last night was. This was the first time someone has ever put me to sleep that fast. I didn't want to wake her, so I decided to sneak out of bed and try to take a shower without disturbing my sleeping beauty. To my surprise she was already laying next to me with her eyes open and a seductive smile on her face. If I didn't know any better she's ready for round two. I summoned her to the shower with me. She gave me that smile that I love and got out of the bed. My t-shirt was all she was wearing so she must have put it on in the middle of the night.

Looking at her body in a amazement as she walked towards me, all I could do was stare. I stared until my hands met her sacred heat and my lips met her voluptuous breast. She let out a soft moan, she was so got damn wet. I pulled her close and let my fingers slide deep inside her warm walls while my tongue danced around her erect nipples. Her sounds of love making let me know it was time to continue my way to her lips. She had the sexist lips known to mankind. I grabbed the back of her neck and kissed her aggressively, she grabbed my hand and pull it deeper inside her warm wetness. I could feel her fingers in my back as my fingers went in and out of her woman cave. Then she removed my fingers from her and sucked her sweet juices from each one of them. Her nectar was beyond sweet. I needed her to feel the heat from her own temple so I guided her middle and ring fingers inside her box then I sucked the cream right from those soft delicate hands as if she was feeding me my daily vitamins. Her juices gave me strength.

Her back was to the wall and I traced kisses from her neck to her belly and now im face first inside my favorite place and I'm starving to eat it up. She was already dripping and her sexy thighs were shinny from the moisture. I started out kissing her lips softly, she moaned. My baby was ready to be tasted. I took my tongue and gave her what she needed. The shaking in her legs told me I was hitting her spot and she wanted more. She knew my tongue worked wonders so she just took whatever I was giving her. She put her legs up over shoulders and leaned her back against the wall. The muscles in my back flexed as I held her up and sucked her dry. . "Don't stop Ray, please don't stop" she kept telling me. She screamed out in pleasure and those sounds were enough to make a grown man cry. Angel is my next door neighbor and I been digging this pussy out since her and her man moved in a year ago. Yeah Angel had a man but "what her man got to do with me?"

We didn't even make it to the shower yet before I made her cum multiple times. She really knew how to make that river flow. Time for some shower action. The hot water made our bodies so slippery and all I wanted to do was enter her. She turned around and arched her back. I was hard as a rock, I took my hardness and rubbed it against her perfectly hearted shaped ass, she reached around and spread her cheeks wide open. I entered her slowly, in and out, in and out. Grabbing her waist, I nearly lost it as I started to go deeper and faster. The pleasure almost broke me down. We both peeked at the same precise moment and damn near collapsed.

Playtime was over, we washed up and got dressed. It was a Saturday so I was off with pretty much nothing to do but "her". We shared one more passionate kiss and made plans for later. Before closing the front door Angel whispered " Tonight I'm inviting my friend over, her name is Kim, and she is almost better then I am", and just like that she was gone. I was in shock! I couldn't believe what I just heard.I was READY! I knew I had to stop with this because she had a man. I knew it wasn't right but we connected in so many ways. She had the whole package to be my main chick but I know right now "side chick" will have to do. I couldn't understand why she wouldn't just leave him. I could give her the world. Nevertheless I settled for the fun she brought and I welcomed her every time she came knocking with open arms and a hard dick.

We never had much time to spend together but ole boy was out of town on business this weekend so we spent the night together last night and tonight we're having an encore performance plus one! Damn I can't wait!

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