What have you done for YOURSELF lately?

I have a great suggestion!

How many of you hard workers have enjoyed the benefit of a spa day lately? It doesn't matter what gender you are, male or female a professional massage is an awesome stress and tension reliever.

I tend to go all out with my spa days and get body waxing, facials, manicure, pedicure, 1-2 hour full body massages--THE WORKS! I believe that you HAVE to treat yourself often especially if you are always on the go! Slow down and have a self appreciation day. It's not an option, its Mandatory! You have to enjoy life. Everything doesn't have to be work/school, mate, kids, and home centered. You are not a robot. Pampering yourself can take a hundred pounds of pressure off your shoulders.

It's funny when I walk into the spa and ask them to change the music lol! They normally have some very soothing, mellowed out waterfall music playing, my preference is more like neo-soul, Kem, Jill Scott, Sade or something like that so I bring my own CD's lol. They don't have a problem with your request as long as it isn't offensive. I typically prefer the opposite sex as a masseuse as well. It's something about a man's hands that really sends me into total relaxation and in my mind I can imagine him to be WHOMEVER I want him to be LMAO!!

Go make an appointment to Treat yourself lovelys!

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Great I just have to find a spot that does it all! I must admit, I sooooo need something like this right now.


Amen~~~Which spa do you recommend?

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