Hallowed Remnants

The recent passing of singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse made me instantly think about countless families that are suffering with drug addicted, hallowed remnants of love ones that were once so full of life. Now they seem to be walking shadows.

A remnant is defined as "A small remaining quantity of something". In these cases, that small remaining portion is the person that your love one once was. Sadly that person seems to no longer exist because drugs have completely consumed their entire being. Many of us can relate to this because we too have a family member that is literally a walking shell. Just like Amy Winehouse mom's stated to the British press "It's was only a matter of time" before something so tragic occurred. The path that addicts place themselves on only leads to one place. A place that you can't return from, a place in eternity. No matter what the cause of death, nothing really prepares you for the loss or the pain. The pain from the abrupt absence is so heavy and it weighs you down physically and emotionally until the healing process begins. A sense of anger overcomes you as well from the simple fact that they (your love one) did this to themselves. You find yourself playing the blame game as if it was something you could have done to prevent this when in actuality the addiction itself was so much powerful than you could ever help with.

Drug addiction is a monster and every family that is dealing with this beast is in my prayers. Some make it out, some don't.

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