What to do with Idle Time

What do you do with your Idle time?

You know they say "an Idle mind is the devil's playground". Meaning if you are not occupying your mind then you have the time to think about things that are unproductive and distracting. Don't mentally drain yourself. I personally feel bad and lazy when I sit around and do nothing. Who wants a lazy woman? Not a real man. I can't even lay in my bed too long because I feel as though I'm wasting precious time that some people didn't have the luxury of seeing.

A virtuous woman doesn't sleep past 8am is a theory I have embedded in my mind. So what do I suggest??

If your not motivated to get up then find some inspiration to get moving. Turn on some music. No one can resist their favorite song and before you know it your are up and moving. What next?

Take a look around and see what need to be changed, cleaned or fixed in your life and then get to repairing! Whether it's your career, school, friendships, your relationship or physical objects. Take care of the people and things around you that you cherish. If everything is A'OK then start planning your next move. "You better make your next move your best move" and occupy that Idle Time.

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Agreed. I, for one, can't get comfortable with the concept of 'doin nothin'. I feel like I have to make each and every moment count. Not to say that I never relax or lay off from work, because i do. When I take the time to chillax, as I like to call it, I know that it is well deserved. Otherwise, psychologically I'd feel like a lazy bum :) My advice: Whatever you do today, make sure it's a little more than nothin'!

XOXO, Erotic City Girl

I really do think you read my journal! Your posts usually seem to hit on what I'm currently feeling or felt. Very encouraging.


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