My Signature Makeup Look "Raccoon Nude"

Raccoon Nude is my Signature Makeup look. It's simple. It's easy. It's BOLD. It's Sexy.

This is the look I sported over the Holiday Weekend. The darkness in the eyes creates the "Raccoon" effect and nothing compliments it better than shiny nude lips. The best part about it is that it's super quick as well, it literally took 5mins to do. You feel kinda naughty when your look is completed lol. Nevertheless here is what you need to create this daring look:

A clean face:)Shadow Primer (Urban Decay): Eye shadow primer makes any brand and any color eye shadow POP and Lock. It magnifies any color times 10 and locks it in for the entire day.
Coal Black ShadowCoal Black Liner (NYX or MAC):for bottom and water line
Black Liquid Liner (NYX): to line the top
Indigo Blue Mascara (Estee Lauder)
Viva La Glam Nude Lipstick (Mac Lady GaGa edition)
Nude lipgloss: to add shine
Cream Foundation: for even skin coverage
Foundation powder: to lock in the cream Foundation
Peach Blush: to add some tint to your cheeks

Now here's what to do: First make sure your face is clean then apply your shadow primer. Let it sit for about 2mins before applying the Black shadow. Apply the black shadow to your lid area ONLY then grab your blending brush to blend out the harsh edges to create the "smokey" look. Next you are going to take your liquid liner and line your top lid to make the shape of your eye really pop. Then take your liner pencil and line the bottom of your eye and the water line. You can really use a thick line to create a bolder look. Ok now grab your mascara and apply a heavy coat from the base of your lashes to the tips, top and bottom! Since this is a dark look, the Indigo color really adds personally to your natural lashes and makes them stand out on their own.
Now that you are finished with your eyes it's time to apply your foundation. I personally only need a very thin layer because I take care of my skin and my tone is very even. After you apply your foundation, add the powder on top to seal the deal.
Now it's time to apply your blush. Smile and add the blush to your cheeks:) Literally LOL. Add your lipstick and the lipgloss on top for some shine and WaaaLaaaaa your DONE!

Kim Kardashian is notorious for this sexy look. It's a night time look so don't be sporting it at work or church lol! Have fun creating!!

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