Is the 'Social Networking' Era coming to an End for Grown Folks?

From the Chat Line to Blackplanet, to Myspace, Facebook and now Twitter, the face of social networking has quickly evolved.

It seems as though the popularity of these social sites skyrockets with a strong 2-3year run after they reach their peek. After that we are on to the next. Social sites makes communicating with family, friends, loved ones, past relationships and future relationship a whole lot easier. It's easier to talk to people behind a keyboard and computer screen.

However, there's an evil side to Social Media. It's easier to say things that you normally wouldn't have the guts to say and people find a comfort level that allows them to share their innermost thoughts. People get bold, ratchet, raunchy and frankly down right ignorant. People begin to ruin the basis of why these sites where created with unnecessary drama and the spammers slap the icing on the cake. Is the social networking era for mature adults coming to an end.

It's seems that no matter where, when or how...when immature people gather the "Drama" follows closely behind. He said, she said. Back biting, trash talking, and cyber fighting runs rampant and begins to spill over into real life. When this becomes the everyday newsfeed and timeline of your online experience, grown folks want to walk away from it all. It's mentally draining. It's almost like patrolling a preschool while all the spoiled ass kids fight, throw sand and push each other in the dirt. You get to really see people for what they are and it's easier for you because all you have to do it watch. No questions asked. They do all the talking and talk themselves right into a ditch. It's despicable lol.

Lawd when are adults gonna grown up? It all maybe coming to an end.

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